this game is actually pretty cool, and you can play with each other online.this game is like futuristic battling with laser swords, sabers, spears, whips and a bunch of other awesome weapons.

you choose from 4 races and 4 classes

Race: Beast, Human, Newman, and some robotic thing i forgot:eyeroll:

Class: Hunter(Awesome, weilds 2handed swords and bows and cool things, Ranger( Mostly guns, and rifles), the others are a vanguard and something else sorry :P

you can customize your characters with like so many physical aspects to choose from, you will like spend an hour trying to figure out what you want.

Online is awesome. you can team up with 3 other members for missions, you can battle each other, or compete with each other. and theres text chat.

***Dont wanna sound mean but theres some weirdos online, game rooms saying girls only, need a gf, gays and bi's only, lesbos only. To me its a little strange considering its a videogame

Anyway the trial is definetly worth it, download it from PSN store:D:D:D

***Downloads a little long so go read a book or smthin;)