BLACKHAWK-720's Squad.

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  1. BLACKHAWK-720
    Our moto is "Enjoy the squad.
  2. white_lycan
    wat bout the otha one u made?
  3. BLACKHAWK-720
    Johnny said that there was a problem with them and they all got deleted so i just made another one. And i think this one is cooler.
  4. Dark Invader
    Dark Invader
    What's up everyone!
  5. IXxBossxXI
    dude. your description thingy makes no sense. only YOU can post codes here... if only you post codes here then its gonna get boring. you need to allow all of us to post good codes too. or atleast a couple. i would post the e15 but i guess im not allowed to post it... :P
  6. Cpt.Morgan
    hey waz up
  7. BLACKHAWK-720
    Ok IXxBossxXI i changed the description.
  8. IXxBossxXI
    dudes zipper are faggots... they released the 1.5... GAY
  9. IXxBossxXI
    man someone NEEDS to release a anti net-error 35 SOON!!! and a anti update.prx for those who still have a 1.40 patch backedup on their computer.
  10. BLACKHAWK-720
    yeah ill be looking daily for a way to bypass Error 35
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