IcyPR v0.30

  1. DeToX
    This Is The Newest Released Version Of IcyPR right now im working on v0.90 i a big jump but some nice changes to considering i havent released a update all summer

  2. DeToX
    IcyPR is a MKULTRA mod im working on. In the end i hope to have added many new features to it yet... im having some trouble... and i want to thank x.X.Silent.X.x for testing and helping with few other things in source and gfx.

    umm yeah the sig is the group picture and better version of it is in my album :P

    x.X.Silent.X.x made this to.. well most of it i helped him with a bit

    IcyPR is a new cheat PRX me ( Fox1091 ) and a few of my friends are making. Right now there are only minor changes. It looks "cool" in a cold way. We plan to add much, much more, and we may also make a different version of it two with a "flamy" twist in it.
  3. DeToX
    Current Newest Version Of IcyPR:


    Older Versions Of IcyPR

    IcyPR v0.1 - 0.29

    You May Wonder Why Most Were Not Released... Well That Is Because All The Others Didnt Work Or Were To Buggy Or Un Readable.

    If You Really Want A Copy Of It I Maybe Able To Find It May Not Be Able To Because I Think I through Out Most Of Those Versrions. I'm Only Keeping Basicly From The Released Versions And Inbetween Them .

    To Be Continued When More Is Added To IcyPR.

    ~Features Of Current Version 0.30~

    Usb Mode
    Color Mods
    Text Mods
    Currpt PSID
    two browsers (removing)
    two decoders(To change from b1 to d12 hit start)(removing)
    Compatible With pspBRICKER

    ~More Added In Newer Version~
  4. DeToX

    The source i used was a MKULTRA source so i want to thank DMON and i would also like to thank Sanik because DMON started with revJ which was Saniks. At the moment there is still a few bugs i have to fix. I will Have Most of Them fixed in the next version. For install instruction's read the read me.

    Download IcyPR v0.23


    Fixed Some Bugs From The Last Version Including The Color Problem In The Searcher. Added A New Place To Store Your Codes. You Have To Have To Have To Read The Read Me To Store Your Codes Other Wise You Will Have No Codes In Your DB.

    Read The ReadME To Know How To Use

    Download IcyPR v0.30
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