Happy Anniversary OGK

  1. Sethrigal
    Cheers to 1 year of not really getting much done... other than give me a reason to effectively slack off on almost everything, so really I wanna give thanks to everyone and I'm gonna go sleep of the hangover from last night by... playing my new game Record of Agarest Wars, expect a review of this ecchi-rpg later... after I nail one of the first 3 babes (2 loli are included)... unrelated note to that game it is really fucking hard to find a damn strategy guide so it's hit or miss on the affection wheel thingy
  2. CoDeX
    I've gotten a lot done since joining OGK I've read over 100 series! (oneshots included and mostly yuri or shojo ai).

    I've gone from reading a few action mangas to reading mainly girl on girl romances, not smut or H, except for maka maka.
  3. Sethrigal
    Yes we have come along way, I've watched more anime in the last year than I have in the last 5 previous years, manga on the other hand has risen to a untold level cause I never read manga that much since my old master Ben was still here... I read all of Ranma, Inuyasha, and Hellsing... that's a hell of a lota manga
  4. Sethrigal
    To another year of continued OGK success, without my computer I can't be on as much... still I'm glad it's been another good year
  5. Sethrigal
    This is a little premature but see as I started this group back in 2009, and have roughly acknowledged it's birthday as coinciding with my own, here's to 5 years roughly of the OGK and 22 years of my life... granted this should be posted on the 18th but screw it, salud!
  6. Sethrigal
    And It's the 18th... alrighty
  7. JohnnyMcKinney
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