Oy for now everyone...

  1. Sethrigal
    My power is out due to the storm, we are low priority for fixing, I've been over a day without light, phone, and water... as much as this sucks I'm literally more concerned with mah mangaz and animez! I'm at school and took my Bio lab final thank god I could get up the highway, saw 20+ down'd trees and traffic light that were ripped down, power is still out for what appears to be 90% of Chattanooga through Harrison... joy, I'll pray to Haruhi for better weather... peace be with you
  2. CoDeX
    May the Goddess Madoka ease your suffering.
  3. Sethrigal
    I got power back with-in 4 days of the storm, so yeah... to bad the storm fried my computer all to hell... it won't start... If I lost all my saved hentai I'm going to snap... mostly cause many loli pics were removed...
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