New Group Logo

  1. JohnnyMcKinney
    Added a new group logo to the group. What you guys think? I didn't spend too much time on it though since not everyone can see it lol.

    Also: I added a new picture of me. Does anyone else think I am getting hotter? Lol.
  2. xXDubstepXx
    I like it. I'm gonna start workin on one I've got nothing but time today cause there isn't any school. :D
  3. CoDeX
    Why is the bar so far to the right? It should only pass the middle a little bit.
  4. JohnnyMcKinney
    @Michael If you do make one make sure it's 201 by 201... For some reason no matter the size it will resize it by 1 pixel lol. VBulletin is stupid apparently...

    @CoDeX What are you talking about? What bar?
  5. xXDubstepXx
    ok I made two Pics.

    I myself consider Coders staff but I made a pic without the word coders as well.

    what do ya think guys?
    and Codex was talkin about on CD the mid line is not centered,
    yea I noticed to but I didnt say anything.
  6. Sethrigal
    Cool logo and no Johnny
  7. CoDeX
    Got tired at looking at it so I changed it.
  8. JohnnyMcKinney
    Lol, I didn't know you could edit my group?
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