Just have a question

  1. Horizontal
    du u think we can fix ftb2 by booting hackers or knife them whole get to get them pissed and leave the room and stop playing ftb2 ? :huh:
  2. DeToX
    no if u want to get rid of ftb2 hackers...we gota stop posting codes... and keep them to our selves and people we trust...

    therefore when ftb3 comes out... i think we shouldnt post any codes for the first year if possible meaning noob copy and paste hackers get nothing and people that know how to code ... get to hack only
  3. Dubstepper
    i have allready made vip ftb3 hacks and vip ftb2 hacks =)
  4. Horizontal
    according with fox code should be now by pm and not posting them to the free air

    there you by a code to boot people that is using nitepr!
  5. DeToX
    what im tryign to say is like if u make a code keep it to ur self dont realease to people that dont know how to even search values... and i u want to share pm to someoneu trust e.g. if i made a boot code i wouldnt release id send to my best friend.. but not give to no one else..
  6. Horizontal
    that whatt i am saying
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