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Thread: All new members must read!

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    All new members must read!

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    This is NOT my introduction, because I have been around here for over a year. This is for ALL new people to view because I'm getting pissed off at all the off topic threads in the FTB2 codes section. The following is a list of most of your probable questions and WHERE TO PUT THEM:

    Question ------------ Thread to put it
    • Looking for ftb2 code -- code REQUEST
    • Help with mkultra -- HOMEBREW HELP
    • List of codes -- SEARCH FRIST if you can't find it look in one of the archives, if by some chance it isn't there, go ahead and post it
    • How to install NitePR -- homebrew help
    • Link to FTB2 (or any game) iso or cso -- DON'T EVEN ATTEMPT to post it here go to
    Also, DO NOT post in threads that haven't had a post in over 3 months, if you do your post WILL be deleted, and if you have 10 or more posts a wrist slap infraction will be given (by me, unless another mod takes care of it, then it is at that mods discretion) unless you actually have something useful on that post, then it is a ok

    That should do it, now because I have TOLD you where to post things I hope the amount of threads I and the other mods will have to move will decrease, but remember, because I TOLD you where to post it and if you post it in the completely wrong topic, you will receive an infraction for wrong section or wrist slap, depending on my mood (and the other mods' moods)

    And remember, this forum IS NOT all about FTB2, while most of it is, we also have sections for the 360, wii, ps3, and even the DS, so also try to be active in those sections, not just FTB2.

    Finally VIP: most people think it is ALL about codes and nothing else, you are WRONG! VIP has some good accounts (not telling for what websites) and some pretty awesome tuts, so if you buy it thinking it's all about codes, it isn't, while VIP does have some awesome codes, that's not what it's all about.

    Note from AT:
    On another note, (A nicer one... :D) for those who are new to a forum and/or are unaware of where to put a post or any other questions, ASK A(N) MOD/ADMIN. We won't bite you for asking a question about the forum. (We will bite if its something retarded like "What color was your shit last night?")

    Also, I'm tired of people asking me for VIP codes and accounts. The next time someone asks me or another mod for VIP codes, you will be given a wrist slap. If I find out that your are leaking VIP codes, I'll insure Johnny takes care of you...

    Another note (from AT):

    I've noticed that a lot of new members have a tendency of "bumping" topics. Here is a definition of bumping:

    Quote Originally Posted by Urban Dictionary
    When a member posts to a topic or thread if the poster wants to re-call attention to the thread.
    If the date of the last post is past two weeks and you post after it, IT IS DEEMED AS BUMPING and will recieve a Wrist Slap infraction. If you are unaware of where the date of the last post, go to the last post and look where it is circled in the picture.

    Also to further the bumping subject (from zeus)..

    If you are going to post something that is useful to the topic / thread IT IS NOT BUMPING (Unless the thread is over 6 months old. ). If you are just going to say "Cool" It is bumping.
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