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Thread: Im back

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    Im back

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    Im back

    Hey everyone im backk, completely forgot about this forum tbh lol and I hope to be more active, thanks for keepin this site up johnny

    Today 08:35 PM] SmokeyG12: oo i thought he was try to spell grabbed lol
    [Today 08:33 PM] CoDeX: WHO THE F*CK PUT THAT "G" THERE?
    [Today 08:31 PM] Djlatino: lol IMMA GRAPE YOU IN THE MOUTH

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    Im back Colorful Shooter: Bullet Hell Champion

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    Re: Im back

    welcome back! i remember you :)

    C# Developer and GFX

    Contact me at - [email protected]

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    Im back

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    Re: Im back

    welcome to the forums


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