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PSN Down, Xbox360 UP?

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Since the PSN has been down for the past couple of days, I've seemed to notice that Xbox360 is getting more noobs on black ops. I don't know if it is just me or if people are coming to xbox because of the whole "SONY MUST PISS EVERYONE OFF".... I've looked around the Xbox forums and seen that for a fact many PS3 owners are switching to Xbox360. Which is good and bad for many reasons.. It's good because they will all fail and i will get more kill streaks ;D but it will suck because more NOOBS will be running around noob tubing!

But what happens if Sony fails even more? Well Xbox360 prices may go up since more people will be switching. And if the Xbox360 prices go up, its more liikley that every other console's prices will rise too! So really, there is no winning behind this.. Lets just hope that Sony can keep their mouth shut and get PSN back online!

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