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Console Discussions Today

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I guess you guys could say I'm all grown up. I've been working so much and spending time with my girlfriend, that I haven't had much time for Console Discussions. I remember when I first got a job, and it was to support Console Discussions. Now I'm working 40+ hours a week to support my girlfriend and my favorite hobby Console Discussions. Hopefully here in a few days I can get more done to Console Discussions. I'm trying to get an apartment currently so that I no longer have to worry about my girlfriend jumping from home to home. I love her so much, and plan on marrying her one day. I'm taking my time, but I can see it happening. Sure we have our fights, and I can be grumpy, but at the end of the night, I always know I love her and want to come home everyday to her.

<3 Johnny

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  1. goodboi's Avatar
    Cool. Hope all is okay. it's now 2021. and I think I'm the only one on here. Oh well, Take care anybody