Hello, I'm relatively new at this stuff so bare with me please. :laugh:
I just found out about PS2DIS yesterday, and I thought to myself, I wanna make codes for games which havn't appeared on the net...
For example, my game is Siren and I wanna make a Character Changer code...

I opened up the SCUS file in ps2dis and looked at all possible labels that can be related to Character data.
I got...


So I go into the first "PLAYER".

I tried:
002A7718 00000000
202A7718 00000000
And it crashed on the pause screen, but no other effect happened.

Pressing Space + F3 and I got these...

001C0D40 00000000
201C0D40 00000000

Same effect.

002A5590 00000000

Same effect.

202A5590 00000000

Now this one was very odd, it crashed when the level loads, when the player model is meant to be loaded, I thought I was getting closer until...

001683F8 00000000
201683F8 00000000

And now nothing, same pause crash glitch.

What can I do to find out/is the code even there/any help would be appreciated?
I'm sorry if its extremely newbie, but I am new to these things, and I would like to know if anyone can help me?
Please and thank you.