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Thread: How to fix/clean UMD drive?

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    How to fix/clean UMD drive?

    Again, not a tutorial.
    Lately, my CLEAN discs have been freezing, or acting slow. So since its not my UMD, what is a safe way to clean out my drive without fucking it up? Its on my 3000,(the one I didnt hack) so its not a hacking problem.

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    How to fix/clean UMD drive?

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    Re: How to fix/clean UMD drive?

    Take it apart and clean it? Your UMD drive could be SOL, I don't see how it could get to such a state that it can't read. They don't make a lens cleaner for PSP's (that i've ever heard of), so your best bet would be to take it apart and clean it that way. I suppose you could try w/o taking it apart but that may just cause problems. Another alt would be getting compressed air and spraying it in the general direction of the lens, but that's probably not wise.
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