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    Teleport Others

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    Teleport Others

    Does anyone know of a slot teleport code that I can use? Most preferably how the selective suicide/kill codes are operated. A lot of the times people want to go to the far off locations where I am and a PMN ladder can't do it so this would help a ton. I figured there must be a way if there is a teleport-knife code.


    P.S. If there isn't a code, is it possible to make one using a variation of teleport-knife? I'm thinking a kind of revive variation where it tricks the game into killing and reviving the player where you are (maybe even skipping the killing step).
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    Teleport Others

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    Re: Teleport Others

    #Selective Kill
    ;For Gen
    ;L+R+[] To teleknife
    0x0081f928 0x3c020902
    0x0081f92c 0x8c42fefc
    0x0081f930 0x13220017
    0x0053df58 0x2a7b0000
    0x0053df5c 0x454e7d32
    0x0053df60 0x00005458
    0x0053dfe4 0x494b7d31
    0x0053dfe8 0x00004c4c
    0x0081ff00 0x27bdfff0
    0x0081ff04 0xafa40000
    0x0081ff08 0xafa50004
    0x0081ff0c 0xafa60008
    0x0081ff10 0x3c040902
    0x0081ff34 0x240f05de
    0x0081ff38 0x10cf000b
    0x0081ff40 0x1000000a
    0x0081ff48 0x24c50002
    0x0053dfd0 0x09020000
    0x0081ff4c 0xac85fefc
    0x0081ff50 0x10000006
    0x0081ff58 0x24c50062
    0x0081ff5c 0xac85fefc
    0x0081f914 0xafa20010
    0x0081f918 0xafbf0014
    0x0081f91c 0x3c0508d0
    0x0053dfa8 0x00005355
    0x0053e014 0x0901f900
    0x0053dfe0 0x2a7b0000
    0x0081f920 0x8cb95858
    0x0081f924 0x8f390000
    0x0081f934 0x0002c400
    0x0081f938 0x03021026
    0x0053df9c 0x2a7b0000
    0x0053dfa0 0x52507d32
    0x0053dfa4 0x4f495645
    0x0053dfe4 0x494b7d31
    0x0081f93c 0x3c0408d6
    0x0081f940 0x8c87176c
    0x0081f944 0x3c0408d0
    0x0081f948 0x3c060902
    0x0081f94c 0x00c06825
    0x0081ff60 0x10000002
    0x0081ff68 0xac80fefc
    0x0081f90c 0xafa60008
    0x0081f910 0xafa7000c
    0x0081f950 0x25a9f994
    0x0081f954 0xad220000
    0x0081f958 0x34050040
    0x004be15c 0x8dac000c
    0x004be160 0x8dae0010
    0x0082001c 0x240a0004
    0x00820020 0x112a000e
    0x00820028 0x240a0066
    0x0081f95c 0x2406ffff
    0x0081f960 0x34080008
    0x0081f974 0x8fa50004
    0x0082002c 0x112a0006
    0x00820034 0x240b0064
    0x00820038 0x012b6022
    0x0081ff18 0x10c0000b
    0x0081ff1c 0x24180002
    0x0081ff20 0x10d80009
    0x0081ff24 0x24190004
    0x0082003c 0xad0cfefc
    0x0081f978 0x8fa60008
    0x0081ff78 0x03e00008
    0x0081ff7c 0x27bd0010
    0x0081f900 0x27bdffe0
    0x0081f904 0xafa40000
    0x0081f97c 0x8fa7000c
    0x0081f980 0x8fa20010
    0x0081f990 0x0a407e5c
    0x0081f998 0x33c8fffc
    0x00820000 0x3c080902
    0x00820004 0x8d09fefc
    0x00820008 0x11200017
    0x0081ff6c 0x8fa40000
    0x0081ff70 0x8fa50004
    0x0081ff74 0x8fa60008
    0x0081f908 0xafa50004
    0x00820010 0x240a0002
    0x00820014 0x11490014
    0x004be14c 0x258c0002
    0x004be150 0x172c000b
    0x004be158 0x3c0b08d9
    0x00820040 0x10000009
    0x00820048 0x240b0062
    0x0082004c 0x012b6022
    0x004be13c 0xad602e78
    0x004be140 0x1000000f
    0x004be148 0xad58e0f4
    0x004be164 0x8daf0014
    0x004be168 0x8db80018
    0x00820050 0xad0cfefc
    0x00820054 0x10000004
    0x0082005c 0x240b0002
    0x0081f964 0x00005025
    0x0081f968 0x0e23b99f
    0x004be118 0x01384820
    0x004be11c 0x8d2c0000
    0x0081f96c 0x248444d8
    0x0081f970 0x8fa40000
    0x00820060 0x012b6022
    0x00810040 0xad690638
    0x004be134 0x3c0b08d9
    0x00820064 0xad0cfefc
    0x00820068 0x03e00008
    0x000000CC 0x0a404000
    0x004be114 0x8d58e0f4
    0x00810000 0x3c080902
    0x004be180 0x03e00008
    0x00810004 0x8d09fefc
    0x00810008 0x3c0a09a8
    0x0081000c 0x8d4ae1e4
    0x00810010 0x3c0b08d0
    0x00810014 0x8d6b5858
    0x00810018 0x1160000a
    0x00810020 0x340c8300
    0x00810024 0x8d6d0000
    0x004be100 0x3c080902
    0x00810028 0x11a90006
    0x00810030 0x154c0004
    0x00810038 0x340e001C
    0x0081003c 0xad6e0630
    0x00810044 0x03e00008
    0x00000118 0x0a32f840
    0x004be104 0x8d19fefc
    0x004be108 0x3c0908d6
    0x004be10c 0x25291458
    0x004be110 0x3c0a08cc
    0x004be120 0x8d2d0004
    0x004be124 0x240e0080
    0x0053df8c 0x0901ff00
    0x0053df9c 0x2a7b0000
    0x0053dfa0 0x52507d32
    0x0053dfa4 0x4f495645
    0x004be128 0x170e0007
    0x004be12c 0x27180008
    0x004be130 0xad40e0f4
    0x0081ff14 0x8c86fefc
    0x0081ff28 0x10d9000b
    0x0081ff2c 0x24c50064
    0x0081ff30 0xac85fefc
    0x004be138 0xad602e74
    0x004be16c 0xad6c2e74
    0x0081f984 0x8fbf0014
    0x0081f988 0x03e00008
    0x0081f98c 0x27bd0020
    0x004be170 0xad6e2e78
    0x004be174 0xad6f2e7c
    0x004be178 0xad782e80
    0x004be17c 0xad602e84

    this will do the trick or

    #Revive/Kill Room
    ;navpoints = revive
    ;Compass = Death
    0x004CA000 0x3C1908CD
    0x004CA004 0x8F38A0FC
    0x004CA008 0x3C0F08D6
    0x004CA00C 0x21EF1458
    0x004CA010 0x340E0080
    0x004CA014 0x170E0005
    0x004CA018 0x030F7820
    0x004CA01C 0x8FBF0028
    0x004CA020 0xAF20A0FC
    0x004CA024 0x03E00008
    0x004CA028 0x27BD0030
    0x004CA02C 0x8DEF0000
    0x004CA030 0x23180008
    0x004CA034 0xAF38A0FC
    0x004CA038 0x05E0FFF2
    0x004CA03C 0x8F38A0F4
    0x004CA040 0x1700000B
    0x004CA044 0x8F38A0F8
    0x004CA048 0x11F8FFEE
    0x004CA04C 0x34070001
    0x004CA050 0x34080008
    0x004CA054 0x2329A100
    0x004CA058 0x00005020
    0x004CA05C 0x21EF0002
    0x004CA060 0x000F7C00
    0x004CA064 0x01F8C025
    0x004CA068 0x03E00008
    0x004CA06C 0xAD380000
    0x004CA070 0x34060160
    0x004CA074 0x3407001D
    0x004CA078 0x34080010
    0x004CA07C 0x2329A120
    0x004CA080 0x340A0001
    0x004CA084 0x21EF0002
    0x004CA088 0xAD2F0004
    0x004CA08C 0x03E00008
    0x004CA090 0xAD2F0008
    0x004CA094 0x3C1908CD
    0x004CA098 0x3C1809A8
    0x004CA09C 0x8718E1E4
    0x004CA0A0 0x200FC200
    0x004CA0A4 0x130F0004
    0x004CA0A8 0x2406FFFF
    0x004CA0AC 0x85380000
    0x004CA0B0 0x10000002
    0x004CA0B8 0x85380002
    0x004CA0BC 0x03E00008
    0x004CA0C0 0xAF38A0F8
    0x004CA104 0x10C806FF
    0x004CA108 0x00000006
    0x004CA10C 0x000000C8
    0x004CA110 0x000000CA
    0x004CA114 0x40000000
    0x004CA120 0x000000D6
    0x004CA12C 0xBF800000
    0x00497338 0x4546494C
    0x0049733C 0x00000000
    0x00102314 0xAFBF0028
    0x00102318 0x0E332800
    0x0010231C 0x00000000
    0x00102334 0x00000000
    0x00102344 0x0A2408BD
    0x00102348 0x00000000
    0x00185F64 0x3C1908CD
    0x0018600C 0xAF3FA0F4
    0x00186010 0x00000000
    0x001860E4 0x0A2408BB
    0x00185E14 0x00000000
    0x00185E18 0x3C1908CD
    0x00185E28 0xAF20A0F4
    0x00185E74 0x0A2408BD
    0x0010039C 0x0E332825
    0x004BE000 0x3C1908CC
    0x004BE004 0x8F38E10C
    0x004BE008 0x3C0F08D6
    0x004BE00C 0x21EF1458
    0x004BE010 0x340E0080
    0x004BE014 0x170E0006
    0x004BE018 0x030F7820
    0x004BE01C 0x8FBF0028
    0x004BE020 0xAF20E104
    0x004BE024 0xAF20E10C
    0x004BE028 0x03E00008
    0x004BE02C 0x27BD0030
    0x004BE030 0x8DEF0000
    0x004BE034 0x23180008
    0x004BE038 0xAF38E10C
    0x004BE03C 0x05E0FFF1
    0x004BE040 0x8F38E104
    0x004BE044 0x17000010
    0x004BE048 0x21EF0002
    0x004BE04C 0x8F38E108
    0x004BE050 0x17000004
    0x004BE054 0x3C0D09AA
    0x004BE058 0x8DB8F9EC
    0x004BE05C 0x23180002
    0x004BE060 0xAF38E108
    0x004BE064 0x11F8FFE7
    0x004BE068 0x34070001
    0x004BE06C 0x34080008
    0x004BE070 0x2329E110
    0x004BE074 0x00005020
    0x004BE078 0x000F7C00
    0x004BE07C 0x01F8C025
    0x004BE080 0x03E00008
    0x004BE084 0xAD380000
    0x004BE088 0x34060160
    0x004BE08C 0x3407001D
    0x004BE090 0x34080010
    0x004BE094 0x2329E130
    0x004BE098 0x340A0001
    0x004BE09C 0xAD2F0004
    0x004BE0A0 0x03E00008
    0x004BE0A4 0xAD2F0008
    0x004BE0A8 0x3C1809A8
    0x004BE0AC 0x8718E1E4
    0x004BE0B0 0x200FC200
    0x004BE0B4 0x170F0003
    0x004BE0B8 0x3C1908CC
    0x004BE0BC 0x85380002
    0x004BE0C0 0xAF38E108
    0x004BE0C4 0x03E00008
    0x004BE0C8 0x2406FFFF
    0x004BE0CC 0x3C1809A8
    0x004BE0D0 0x8718E1E4
    0x004BE0D4 0x200F4100
    0x004BE0D8 0x170F0005
    0x004BE0DC 0x3C1908CC
    0x004BE0E0 0x3C1809AA
    0x004BE0E4 0x8F18F9EC
    0x004BE0E8 0x23180002
    0x004BE0EC 0xAF38E108
    0x004BE0F0 0x03E00008
    0x004BE114 0x10C806FF
    0x004BE118 0x00000006
    0x004BE11C 0x000000C8
    0x004BE120 0x000000CA
    0x004BE124 0x40000000
    0x004BE130 0x000000D6
    0x004BE13C 0xBF800000
    0x004972E4 0x54414544
    0x004972E8 0x00000048
    0x00497338 0x4546494C
    0x0049733C 0x00000000
    0x00102314 0xAFBF0028
    0x00102318 0x0E32F800
    0x0010231C 0x00000000
    0x00102334 0x00000000
    0x00102344 0x0A2408BD
    0x00102348 0x00000000
    0x00185F64 0x00000000
    0x0018600C 0x3C1908CC
    0x00186010 0xAF3FE104
    0x001860E4 0x0A2408BD
    0x00185E14 0x0E32F833
    0x00185E1C 0x10000004
    0x00185E2C 0x0A2408BD
    0x0010039C 0x0E32F82A

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    Teleport Others

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    Re: Teleport Others

    WTF? He asked for a SELECTIVE TELEPORT, like you select someone's name and teleport to them. I could probably make it, but i would need all of the Play Co-ords, and im not searching for them, that would take forever :D


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