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Thread: [realeased]

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    #Kill other team
    ;Make sure the pimp hand code is on
    ;And the packet sending function is too
    ;You can mod some lines to kill everyone
    ;But I don't remember which ones
    0x00800770 0x09000470
    0x00800450 0x08D61458
    0x00800470 0x27BDFFF0
    0x00800474 0xAFBF0000
    0x00800478 0xAFB70004
    0x0080047C 0xAFB60008
    0x00800480 0xAFB5000C
    0x00800484 0x3C170900
    0x00800488 0x8EF60450
    0x0080048C 0x3C1508D6
    0x00800490 0x36B514D8
    0x00800494 0x12D50013
    0x0080049C 0x8ECF0004
    0x008004A0 0x86CE0000
    0x008004A4 0x3C0DFFFF
    0x008004A8 0x35ADFFFF
    0x008004AC 0x26D60008
    0x008004B0 0x11AEFFF8
    0x008004B4 0xAEF60450
    0x008004B8 0x25CE0002
    0x008004BC 0xA6EE0178
    0x008004C0 0xA6EE017A
    0x008004C4 0x3C1808D6
    0x008004C8 0x8F18A048
    0x008004CC 0x8DEC0000
    0x008004D0 0x130CFFEC
    0x008004D8 0x0E400041
    0x008004E0 0x10000004
    0x008004E4 0x3C1508D6
    0x008004E8 0x26B51458
    0x008004EC 0x1000FFE5
    0x008004F0 0xAEF50450
    0x008004F4 0x8FB5000C
    0x008004F8 0x8FB60008
    0x008004FC 0x8FB70004
    0x00800500 0x8FBF0000
    0x00800504 0x03E00008
    0x00800508 0x27BD0010

    ;This prevents a bunch of stuff from not freezing.
    ;It doesn't ban so don't turn it off.
    0x00800510 0x8FB5000C
    0x00800514 0x8FB60008
    0x00800518 0x8FB70004
    0x0080051C 0x8FBF0000
    0x00800520 0x03E00008
    0x00800524 0x27BD0010
    0x00800298 0x0A400090
    0x007EFA6C 0x03E00008

    ;I don't remember what this does
    ;But it was in the DB, so it must be important
    0x004DE010 0x09000650
    0x00800650 0x27BDFFF0
    0x00800654 0xAFBF0000
    0x00800668 0x8FBF0000
    0x0080066C 0x0A276E84
    0x00800670 0x27BD0010

    #!!Gotta keep my pimp hand STRONG
    ;Always run this. It doesn't ban and it provides hooks
    0x004DE010 0x090006D4
    0x008006D4 0x27BDFFF0
    0x008006D8 0xAFBF0000
    0x008006DC 0xAFB00004
    0x008006E0 0xAFB10008
    0x008006E4 0xAFB2000C
    0x008006E8 0x3C120900
    0x008006EC 0x26510770
    0x008006F0 0x26500800
    0x008006F4 0x8E320000
    0x008006F8 0x12400003
    0x008006FC 0x26310004
    0x00800700 0x0240F809
    0x00800708 0x1611FFFA
    0x00800710 0x8FB2000C
    0x00800714 0x8FB10008
    0x00800718 0x8FB00004
    0x0080071C 0x8FBF0000
    0x00800720 0x0A276E84
    0x00800724 0x27BD0010

    #!!Packet Send Over
    ;Sends death to said target
    ;You just set some variables and call it
    ;And it brings death
    ;Note that inf health = anti this
    0x00800104 0x27BDFFE0
    0x00800108 0xAFBF0000
    0x0080010C 0xAFA40004
    0x00800110 0xAFA50008
    0x00800114 0xAFA6000C
    0x00800118 0xAFA70010
    0x0080011C 0xAFA80014
    0x00800120 0x24050040
    0x00800124 0x3C0408D0
    0x00800128 0x248444D8
    0x0080012C 0x3C0708D6
    0x00800130 0x8CE7176C
    0x00800134 0x2406FFFF
    0x00800138 0x24080008
    0x0080013C 0x3C090900
    0x00800140 0x25290178
    0x00800144 0x0E23B99F
    0x00800148 0x00005021
    0x0080014C 0x0E23F355
    0x00800154 0x8FA80014
    0x00800158 0x8FA70010
    0x0080015C 0x8FA6000C
    0x00800160 0x8FA50008
    0x00800164 0x8FA40004
    0x00800168 0x8FBF0000
    0x0080016C 0x03E00008
    0x00800170 0x27BD0020

    #!!One Click Clearance Packet Data
    ;This is the packet data that it uses
    ;Set to AirStrike
    0x00800178 0x00020002
    0x0080017C 0x1064FFA2

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    Re: [realeased]

    REALLY Old news lol
    Also Known As: Villain/Project-_-

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    Nuclear Hacker

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    Re: [realeased]

    Yea its old, but what does the One Click Clearance Packet Data code do. Airstrike online?

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    Re: [realeased]

    ive had this for ever


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