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Thread: Need help with a glitch

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    Need help with a glitch

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    Need help with a glitch

    Ok for all of u people that think you know all the glitches...plz post 1 glitch per map, if possible...and PLZ explain it well...i never understand how to do the glitches cuz of poor explaining, and use pictures that work...

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    Re: Need help with a glitch

    Ok I dont have a pic of them(Because why would I take one lol)But you could always have som1 shoot you once in the back while you are in the change weapon place and holding the weapon you want it changes the gun you take out to the one that you had that takes care of all of them lol

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    Re: Need help with a glitch

    to glithc u need to lie down in a corner and hold L then move to right or left where ever the corner is then go forward and u are in. that depends on which glicht u r try 2 do
    ReP me uP if i did aNYThing to help :band:MeTALLICa

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