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Thread: Wall Glitch Hack

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    Wall Glitch Hack

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    Wall Glitch Hack

    I posted this somewhere else a while ago but never here, enjoy.
    I know this should be posted in the code section but I thought it would belong here more.

    Note: This is a HACK. This will not help normal firmware users. But as for the wall glitch, you can still do that.

    I designed this code (I did NOT find the flash address) for the purpose to make wall glitching easier.
    I made it so you could have either an inverted analog stick or just a regular one (I prefer to use an inverted analog stick when wall glitching, it gives my thumb more space).
    It also changes the speed so you move slower, the slower you move the easier the wall glitch :) When I tested it on Market Day, I was able to do the wall glitch pressing my analog stick at its maximum (I held it all the way up). Overall this makes wall glitching twice as easy.

    Hope these help, pick your choice :D vvv

    #Wall Glitch Flash
    ;Inverted Analog Stick
    0x0055FA2C 0x3F300000

    #Wall Glitch Flash (RAS)
    ;Regular Analog Stick
    0x0055FA2C 0x3F400000

    As you can see in the video, I am running at full speed doing the wall glitch :) Even though you can do it running full speed, the slower you go the better.
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    Nuclear Hacker

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    Re: Wall Glitch Hack

    Nice release. I think i'll stick to virtical clipping tho.

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    Wall Glitch Hack

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    Re: Wall Glitch Hack

    Haha the easy way.

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    Most Wanted

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    Re: Wall Glitch Hack

    lol nice code but this glitch is so easy to do now i can even do it well the character sit down
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    Wall Glitch Hack

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    Re: Wall Glitch Hack

    song = beutiful lies VIP :D i love it


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