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Thread: Gears o' War 2

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    Gears o' War 2

    OMG!!! THE STORY... is good, (had to calm down there). This game is longgggg! The weapons are weapony! The blood is well... U chainsaw the hearts of a giant worm. 3 hearts in one worm= blood ocean. (lol) Bosses are epic, chainsaw duels are deadly, I couldn't believe how great this game is.

    10. even the mult player is better damn...

    Fans of Carmine rejoice another one dies. 2 of 4 bros down
    for thoses who played GOW 1 he is the retard who stands up during a sniper battle lol.

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    Re: Gears o' War 2

    Oh man I want that game cuz the chainsaw battles seem like its fun!
    The game...

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    Gears o' War 2

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    Re: Gears o' War 2

    Man, Epic pretty much screwed up on gears 2. Sure the campaign is great. But the online multiplayer is pathetic. The matchmaking system is inefficient, it can take anywhere from 10 seconds (on a good day) to thirty minutes!!! There is still host advantage, lag switching (though I think that problem was supposedly fixed with the last patch), just to name a few problems.

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