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Thread: Sonic Unleashed

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    Sonic Unleashed

    The hedgehog has ran his way into another crazy plot. The world is cracked, there is a demon inside, the emeralds are powerless and Sonic is a SPOILER "Werehog". Other than that its business as usual. Sonic during the day is fast, I mean if he runs any faster his legs would shatter. At night it feels like playing as Chaos in Sonic Adveture 2 Battle.

    This is a good game if you don't mind the werehog parts, which are slow and clunky. All in all a 5 of 10 To many problems and collection sidequest just kill it.

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    Sonic Unleashed

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    Re: Sonic Unleashed

    Seems ok. Might rent it and try it out. The other sonic games didn't really interest me though. Don't know all the characters just tailz and sonic.
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    Sonic Unleashed

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    Re: Sonic Unleashed

    i have this game, its pretty good in my opinion. the Werehog acts, even out all the day acts. so you can beat up things or just run through the stages. at least they give you a choice and your not stuck with one thing for the whole game. for the XBox is better then the PS2 in my opinion. but in the PS2, if your running and hit a wall, it goes "THUNK!" xD
    XBox doesnt do that. =(

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