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Thread: Gears of war

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    Gears of war

    Late but sorta optimistic, see I could write this for PC because that ones newer and lets you fight a Brumac. But I won't play it on there so never mind that. Great story, short, good visuals. Plus the sweet Gamer pic if you beat it on the highest difficulty(set as mine).

    Multiplayer was dry, liked the newer maps, no favorites. Overall 8 wish they'd give me the new content. If its out there tell me.

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    Gears of war

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    Re: Gears of war

    Gears of War had an ok story, but the multiplayer is where it is at. There are great maps, easy to find matches, good graphics, among others. Though it does have a few problems, glitching (Bulletmarsh and subway are easy to glitch out of the map on, you just roll on some rocks in a certain place, kung fu flipping out of any maps, and crab walking) are some problems. But they have great multiplayer maps. Overall id give it an 8/10.

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