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Thread: Cln ldrs

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    Cln ldrs

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    Wink Cln ldrs

    If you hv AWL(advanced war ladders) and would lik to war my 3 roster lv your ID# for AWL and your cln name and tag and just lv it here so others can war you 2.

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    Vv.i.Z.D.o.M Is KeY

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    Re: Cln ldrs

    im pretty sur this is my clns id


    Rep + IF I HELPED!!!

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    Cln ldrs

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    Re: Cln ldrs

    idk wut ours is my clan is [L96AW] though :) Snipin clan
    Ftb2 name: _-CHRONiC-420-_
    Clan: [M87ELR]

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    Re: Cln ldrs

    i think this is mine

    24029 my clan is called slayer

    ----Added 24/5/2009 at 10:55 AM----
    i cant go on socom right now cause they stold my psp so i cant war
    ReP me uP if i did aNYThing to help :band:MeTALLICa

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