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Thread: Free IRC client for the iphone/itouch!

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    Free IRC client for the iphone/itouch! Snake Champion, Asteroids Champion, Castle Crusher Champion, Johnny Race or Be Late Champion, Mission To Mars Champion

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    Free IRC client for the iphone/itouch!

    Colloquy is an open source IRC client for the Mac and iPhone

    I got the source (I love svn!) and because I have the dev. license I was able to build it. So if anybody that has a jailbroken itouch/iphone look below to get the app so you can FTP it in. And those of you who don't have yours jailbroken (2nd gen itouch users) I'm working on getting ad hoc working through the dev. plan so I can just send you the .ipwhatever and a file for you to drag into itunes then you could sync it up and get it. This is for CD members ONLY and, yes this is legal, colloquy for the iphone is open source (seriously), it just costs $100 to build it :) (my dad has a few apps up on the app store)

    This is a $1.99 (?) value! (or free if you like the cracked method)

    And I will be building each new version as it becomes available

    Don't thank me, thank the nice people at colloquy who made it open source, and I guess me for building it :)
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