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Thread: How to "hack" a school revisited by Zeus

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    How to "hack" a school revisited by Zeus

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    Re: How to "hack" a school revisited by Zeus

    Sorry if I did bump but i'm just wondering, what if even typing and saving it as .bat format still dont work? Like all it does is remove the
    Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
    (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

    C:\Documents and Settings\English>

    and then it shows that message something like
    "Command prompt has been blocked by your administrator. Please contact your blah blah blah blah~~~" O-O

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    How to "hack" a school revisited by Zeus

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    Re: How to "hack" a school revisited by Zeus

    Quote Originally Posted by Sneaky Poptart View Post
    My school is a technical/vocational school. I can use my flashdrive to get to command prompt but they have a program called eye something (cant remember) but it is there so they can monitor what you are doing on the desktops or the laptops. is there a way i can disable this program before opening command prompt, so they cant see what im doing. I can always disconnect from the server but then i have to work offline (although they cannot see me, it will say no responce on their computers), i would like to work online while doing this and still not be seen or caught.
    Open up Microsoft Word, any year, any version. Type some random shit or bang or the keyboard. Press the power button on the tower itself or go to 'Start -> Shut Down' either way when it says "Do you want to save the changes you made to "Untitled Document"?" Just hit cancel. The icon will disappear from the task bar and the computer will abort the shutdown. No SynchronEyes (Well that's what my school uses) will be watching you! Have fun social engenerring and fucking with the school! :D Please Rep+ and give thanks!

    ================================================== ===========================================

    Haha! How come I didn't think of these things? My school is gonna regret not sending me to a juvenile delinquent prison last year for shutting down their servers! I made it so you can't even turn on the computers with out a 15 character long pass! It was fuckin' epic. I now have a rep at the school, After I did it everyone was asking "Are you that hacker kid that shutdown the school?" I really didn't even do anything. I went into the f8 or f12 (I forget which) menu and went down to security, tried a few passwords and I got one right and I set a new one. =)
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    Dont leave your room...EVER... AND I MEAN EVER
    Damned six line limit! *NERD RAGE*

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