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Thread: Make Folder Standout

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    Make Folder Standout

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    Make Folder Standout

    Saw a vid of this thought it was cool so i'll share it with you.

    What your going to need...

    1. IColor
    2. Windows XP or Vista Computer.

    Step by step guide \/

    1. Download Icolor from the above link.

    2. Install the program, NOTICE: Make sure to choose what operating system when it says skin style in the download process. If you choose vista on an XP it will change your Icons to vista or mac os x if you chose that. you'll notice that its on your desktop and if you open it nothing happens. Thats alright

    3. Now go to the folder that your trying to make standout like PSP on your desktop or something. Right click it.

    4. Click color label and then choose a color that shows up. Now you have a colored folder.

    Its that easy
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    Re: Make Folder Standout

    Dont work on vista 64-bit
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