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Thread: Hack ICY TOWER

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    Hack ICY TOWER

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    Hack ICY TOWER

    Ok follow these simple steps:

    First go to these links ,and Ctrl+F and type should take you to a cheat engine 5.4 download link..if not go to the top and scroll down untill you find it

    Next go to and download that file

    Second:Click on the file Icytower13.CT*You just downloaded it*,It will also open cheat engine

    Click on the computer at the top...There is a screen at the bottom

    Then click on Create Process,Then find icy tower..double click on it,Ok

    It should open up it

    If you want the Levels to be straint and not random click on The Unrandomize box
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    Hack ICY TOWER

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    ok thanks that actually worked and it was A BIG HELP so you should probolly make a video on YOUTUBE ok THANKS

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