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Thread: iloses Homebrew installer

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    iloses Homebrew installer

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    iloses Homebrew installer

    Hey, guys its ilose, and in about 3 weeks my first app is coming out. It will include some homebrew if made and moddified. If you would like any particular apps, just pm them, or post them. So I look forward to making and publishing this, there wont be any source code, because I will be keeping it until ALL of the bugs are out. If you want to be a beta test then pm me, you must be trust worthy.



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    Re: iloses Homebrew installer

    so what will it do, and if you need any help just send me a PM, I've written apps for the PSP before (ask people about the newb installer :) )

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    iloses Homebrew installer

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    Re: iloses Homebrew installer

    Thanks, I'll be sure to ask.
    It'll also be a computer-based installer.

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