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Thread: PSPgrader 8

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    PSPgrader 8

    Klutsh & RainMotorsports grace us with convenience at its finest… Here we have another Windows app to easily create a magic memory stick for use with a Pandora battery.

    As illustrated in the screen shot, PSP Grader not only creates a magic memory stick, it packs a few additional options: inject an IPL only, clean the Pandora stick ridding any files created by PSP Grader, and the ability to change the default trigger to load Pandora when you’re ready.

    Now you just need the Pandora battery itself; use this tool (with an already hacked PSP) to create/convert one. Otherwise you can hard mod an existing battery


    * Download the eboot straight from the app!
    * Load eboots stored in ZIP files.

    Coming Soon:

    * RAR & 7z Loading - Rar loading didn’t make the port to pascal but only due to time restraints, it and 7zip loading are planned!
    * Backup Script - Once again due to time constraints a backup function didn’t make it. Grader never had one and mine never worked to begin with so I put this off till it could be done right!
    * SPEED - While this app is no slower than anything I have written before it is slower than Grader 6. We have already begun finding ways to speed up the app and it will be sped up soon!

    Download HERE

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    PSPgrader 8

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    Re: PSPgrader 8

    eh ill try this out
    Ftb2 name: _-CHRONiC-420-_
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    PSPgrader 8

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    Re: PSPgrader 8

    dose it work????

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