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Thread: Hi all!

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    Hi all!

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    Smile Hi all!

    Hello all console people.

    I am new here and i found this site to be a good one.

    Im new in scripting and other stuf bu ill learn


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    Re: Hi all!

    Welcome to CD!

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    Hi all! Snake Champion, Asteroids Champion, Castle Crusher Champion, Johnny Race or Be Late Champion, Mission To Mars Champion

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    Re: Hi all!

    Welcome to CD, please use spell check on all posts so you don't make our members pissy, and also be sure to read my post in this section about things that really piss us off here, and as long as you obey the rules we love you (not in a gay way)


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    Hi all!

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    Re: Hi all!

    Welcome to Console Discussions!
    Download my toolbar pl0x!

    [Today 09:40 PM] SyKotik Cannon: agreed
    [Today 09:39 PM] PoopDeritis: YOU'RE GAY


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