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Thread: Killzone liberation

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    Killzone liberation

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    Re: Killzone liberation

    hey the hack tool isn't workin for me...nor the nitepr codes...can sum1 gimme a way for infinite health on killzone liberation (EU) ? i desperately need it...

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    Killzone liberation

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    Re: Killzone liberation

    Quote Originally Posted by DireNeed View Post
    HX, where are you man??

    somethings wrong, ur code for the 'No overheat Chaingun' doesn't work for me?? everytime i switch it on my chain gun meter does not go down aftr firing like the usual. It stays there until it overheats!

    after that, it stays that way and the meter never reverts back to it's normal state. And thus, i can no longer use the chain gun. it also gives templar a funny jerking motion like he was still firing the chaingun or something but in fact no bullet is actually firing & besides that, he can't do anything anymore (like throwing grenades stuffs..).

    I end up resetting the game & starting all over again. something is wrong w/ that code dude..

    am i the only 1 experiencing this?? HX, do ur special thing man!
    maybe something you are useing with it is interfering the code itself works for me at least just tested it.
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