If you are new then please read all of this! Also if you are new and you have many questions please visit our Newbies section as it has a huge guide that will tell you everything you need to know to make your PSP the best it can be, codes for Socom, Homebrew, and more visit our Newbies section today!

Terms To Know
Infraction- An infraction is basically a warning. I have it set up so that after so many infractions you receive a ban

Posting- Making a topic or replying to someone elses topic.

Advertising - Any links are counted as advertising. If it is a website it is a link. If it redirects to another website it is a link. If it goes to another website it is a link. If a link is posted in a code tag it is still a link. This is against the rules. Do not advertise.

Spamming- You may notice some forums require a certain amount of posts. Right now the most posts a forum will require is 20 posts. If you make useless topics just saying "Hi", "Thanks", "I'm trying to get my post count up", or just post one post after another this is spamming.

Trolling - A troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages. It's against the rules. Don't do it.

Forums- The forums are what you are on now. The forums have many sections in it.

Section- A specific section on the forums contain all the topics and posts.
EX: Socom FTB1 Chat, Socom FTB2 Chat ect.

Topics- A topic a person has opened. Like the name of this topic is Rules *Updated As Of July 7th 2008*

Reply- A reply is made to the topic a person has opened. So if someone wanted to reply to a topic they would click the "Reply to Thread"

Which this can't be done to this topic as I have disabled it.

1.) No pornographic material.

2.) No illegal content.

3.) No spamming.

4.) No harassing/flaming (Being disrespectful) any visitors, users, Mods, Admins, or anyone else that uses the forums. If caught and depending on the case you could be either given an infraction or be banned.

5.) No posting false information.

6.) No stealing credit. (Rather it be a code, tutorial, or design.)

7.) No posting in the wrong sections.

8.) No creating a second account, without my permission. (If caught your second account will be deleted. If you continue doing this you will be banned.)

9.) If posting a download link, the link must be a direct download and not require registration of any kind.

10.) No Advertising anywhere on the forums (Posts, Shoutbox, Signature, ect.) People seem to be having trouble understanding what advertising is. Advertising is purposely telling about a website that you may own or know and then sending a link to it. Say like I go on a website and go "Hey there's this great website that has PSP hacks it's www.pspdiscussions.com check it out" that's advertising. Even just posting a random link in a post and not saying ONE word is not only advertising. I don't mind people being like "Hey I saw this really cool game on gamespot check it out at www.gamespot.com" or w/e. If you have your own website though don't advertise just PM me and ask me to be an affiliate. I'll then add your link on the homepage. Don't risk being banned. Now if it's like "there's a cool game over here go to [insert link here] to download it." That's fine as long as the website itself does not have PSP hacks on it. Since that's what my website is about and that would be redirecting them to another PSP hacking website which is advertising." The only links allowed to be posted are file hosting (like rapidshare, sendspace, ect.), Facebook, and YouTube (Or other video websites like Google videos) links or links required for a tutorial. If the tutorial can still be used without the links then the links should not be posted. If the tutorial WILL NOT WORK without the links then you may post them. If the tutorial requires a link, but the link goes to a website similar to Console Discussions DO NOT POST IT! Other than that there will be NO ADVERTISING.


If you see anyone advertising please report the ASAP!

Infraction Ban Times

6 Points=1 Day ban
8 Points=3 Day ban
10 Points=5 Day Ban
12 Points=7 Day Ban
14 Points=10 Day Ban
16 Points=14 Day Ban
18 Points=1 Month Ban

Note: Usually we will not always use all the points for infractions, we may just make it to 10 points before we just ban you. Sometimes depending on the case we may not use infractions we may just ban you.

How Many Points Is Each Rule Violation Worth?
You will receive a 1 day ban after 6 infraction points. This below tells you how many points each type is worth. After 10 days the points disappear. So say if you received 5 infractions one day and if you were to get another one you would get a ban, but if you were good for 10 days your 5 infractions would be gone, so if you received another infraction after those 10 days you would be at 1 instead of having a ban.

Wrist Slap - 1 Point
Off Topic - 2 Points
Incorrect Section - 2 Points
Spamming - 2 Points
Posting content already posted - 3 Points
Advertising - 3 Points
Signature Rule Violation - 3 Points
Posting false information - 4 Points
Posting or discussing illegal content - 4 Points
Stealing credit - 4 Points
Insulted Member(s) - 6 Points (One day ban, maybe a warning depending on the case)
Spammed Advertisements - 10 Points (Five day ban, depending on the case it could longer!)
Insulted Staff - 12 Points (Week ban, depending on the case it could be longer!)
Posting pornographic material - 18 Points (One month ban)
Multiple Accounts - (One month ban, depending on how many accounts it could be longer!)

Banning Periods
Depending on the case we may choose to not use infractions or stop using them after a user just keeps repeating an offense and result to banning. If this is the case the PSP Discussions Staff decides on the ban time, by the seriousness of the rule violation, how many have been broke, and how many times each has been broken.

Consequences Of Breaking The Rules

1st offense: Warning and we will usually solve the problem without any infractions or bans given.
2nd offense: Warning will be given.
3rd offense: Infraction given
4th or more offense: Depending on the case you will either be given an infraction or a ban.

Types Of Posts

Ever wonder what a normal, stickied, and announcement type of post was? Well here is a description.

1.) Normal- These are posts that are made by Visitors and members.

2.) Sticky- These are important posts that need be read. These can only be made by me, Admins, and Mods, but if me, an Admin, or Mod thinks a Guest or Members post is useful, then they can change it to stickied. Usually these are something that are related to the topic of the forum and can help out alot.

3.) Announcement- These are important posts that need be read. These can only be made by me, Admins, and Mods, but if me, an Admin, or Mod thinks the Guest or Members post is detailed news and the author of the topic has backed up what their topic, thenme, an Admin, or Mod may change it to an announcement. This is usually NEWS related to that topic of the forum or title of the post.

SIDE NOTE: The rules could change at anytime. If I update them big enough I add in my signature "Rules have been updated as of "DATE" you may read them HERE.

Disclaimer: None of the files linked on this site are actually hosted or transmitted by this server. The links are provided solely by this site's users. The site moderation is also a service provided by the site's users. The owners of this site (ConsoleDiscussions.com) cannot be held responsible for what its users post, or any other actions of its users. You may not use this site to distribute or download any material when you do not have the legal rights to do so. It is your own responsibility to adhere to these terms.

Have fun and enjoy the forums :D