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Thread: Some MOHH2 Codes I made

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    Some MOHH2 Codes I made

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    Some MOHH2 Codes I made

    #Fast Animations
    ;Instant reload
    ;perfect for sniping
    ;Sly Xross
    ;L+left = on
    ;select = off
    0x00112d54 0x0e390794
    0x00641e50 0x3c0808dd
    0x00641e54 0x85083068
    0x00641e58 0x3c090885
    0x00641e5c 0x340a0180
    0x00641e60 0x340b0001
    0x00641e64 0x3c0c3c04
    0x00641e68 0x358dffff
    0x00641e6c 0x3c0e3c04
    0x00641e70 0x35ce3f80
    0x00641e74 0x150a0002
    0x00641e7c 0xad2dd7b0
    0x00641e80 0x150b0002
    0x00641e88 0xad2ed7b0
    0x00641e8c 0x03e00008
    0x00641e90 0x0e2600dd

    #Variety Flash
    ;Sly Xross
    ;L+left = Flash
    ;L+up = Super Flash
    ;L+right = Extreme Flash
    ;L+down = Normal
    0x00112d54 0x0e375b14
    0x005d6c50 0x3c0808dd
    0x005d6c54 0x8d083068
    0x005d6c58 0x24090180
    0x005d6c5c 0x15090005
    0x005d6c64 0x3c080897
    0x005d6c68 0x3c093c04
    0x005d6c6c 0x252940a0
    0x005d6c70 0xad09adc0
    0x005d6c74 0x24090110
    0x005d6c78 0x15090005
    0x005d6c80 0x3c080897
    0x005d6c84 0x3c093c04
    0x005d6c88 0x25294100
    0x005d6c8c 0xad09adc0
    0x005d6c90 0x24090120
    0x005d6c94 0x15090005
    0x005d6c9c 0x3c080897
    0x005d6ca0 0x3c093c04
    0x005d6ca4 0x25294153
    0x005d6ca8 0xad09adc0
    0x005d6cac 0x24090140
    0x005d6cb0 0x15090005
    0x005d6cb8 0x3c080897
    0x005d6cbc 0x3c093c04
    0x005d6cc0 0x25293f80
    0x005d6cc4 0xad09adc0
    0x005d6cc8 0x03e00008
    0x005d6ccc 0x0e2600dd

    #Inf Ammo/Health
    ;Sly Xross
    ;Inf health is for adhoc
    ;L = activate
    ;Select = deactivate
    0x00112d54 0x0e6e2800
    0x0138a000 0x3c0808dd
    0x0138a004 0x85083068
    0x0138a008 0x3c0908e3
    0x0138a00c 0x340a0100
    0x0138a010 0x340b0001
    0x0138a014 0x3c0c0001
    0x0138a018 0x358d0001
    0x0138a01c 0x3c0e0100
    0x0138a020 0x35ce0100
    0x0138a024 0x150a0002
    0x0138a02c 0xad2d69d8
    0x0138a030 0x150b0002
    0x0138a038 0xad2e69d8
    0x0138a03c 0x03e00008
    0x0138a040 0x0e2600dd

    #Rapid Fire
    ;Jokered by Sly Xross
    ;Silo's RF just jokered XD
    ;L = activate
    ;select = deactivate
    0x00112d54 0x0e38341c
    0x0060d070 0x3c0808dd
    0x0060d074 0x85083068
    0x0060d078 0x3c0908a1
    0x0060d07c 0x340a0100
    0x0060d080 0x340b0001
    0x0060d084 0x3c0c8e04
    0x0060d088 0x358d027c
    0x0060d08c 0x3c0eae04
    0x0060d090 0x35ce027c
    0x0060d094 0x150a0002
    0x0060d09c 0xad2dcb74
    0x0060d0a0 0x150b0002
    0x0060d0a8 0xad2ecb74
    0x0060d0ac 0x03e00008
    0x0060d0b0 0x0e2600dd

    #Perfect Weapon View
    ;Jokered by Sly Xross
    ;L = activate
    ;select = deactivate
    0x00112d54 0x0e200240
    0x00000900 0x3c0808dd
    0x00000904 0x85083068
    0x00000908 0x3c090888
    0x0000090c 0x340a0100
    0x00000910 0x340b0001
    0x00000914 0x3c0c3c05
    0x00000918 0x358d3f90
    0x0000091c 0x3c0e3c05
    0x00000920 0x35ce4000
    0x00000924 0x150a0002
    0x0000092c 0xad2d49ac
    0x00000930 0x150b0002
    0x00000938 0xad2e49ac
    0x0000093c 0x03e00008
    0x00000940 0x0e2600dd

    #No Weapon Recoil
    ;Jokered by Sly Xross
    ;left = activate
    ;select = deactivate
    0x00112d54 0x0e6c2710
    0x01309c40 0x3c0808dd
    0x01309c44 0x85083068
    0x01309c48 0x3c090897
    0x01309c4c 0x340a0080
    0x01309c50 0x340b0001
    0x01309c54 0x3c0c0000
    0x01309c58 0x358d0000
    0x01309c5c 0x3c0e10c0
    0x01309c60 0x35ce0004
    0x01309c64 0x150a0002
    0x01309c6c 0xad2d07b8
    0x01309c70 0x150b0002
    0x01309c78 0xad2e07b8
    0x01309c7c 0x03e00008
    0x01309c80 0x0e2600dd

    #Increment/Decrease Flash
    ;Jokered by Sly Xross
    ;left d-pad = Increase
    ;select = decrease
    0x00112d54 0x0e3539c0
    0x0054e700 0x3c0808dd
    0x0054e704 0x3c090897
    0x0054e708 0x850a3068
    0x0054e70c 0x240b0080
    0x0054e710 0x154b0007
    0x0054e718 0x8d2cadc0
    0x0054e71c 0x240d0020
    0x0054e720 0x018d7020
    0x0054e724 0xad2eadc0
    0x0054e728 0x10000009
    0x0054e730 0x240c0001
    0x0054e734 0x154c0006
    0x0054e73c 0x8d2dadc0
    0x0054e740 0x240e0020
    0x0054e744 0x01ae7822
    0x0054e748 0xad2fadc0
    0x0054e750 0x03e00008
    0x0054e754 0x0e2600dd

    #Grenade Throw Distance Mod
    ;Sly Xross
    0x00555CEC 0x3d000000

    #Stand/Crouch Flash
    ;Sly Xross
    0x00180820 0x3db9

    #Team Radar Modifier
    ;Sly Xross
    ;"D-pad right = Allies"
    ;"Select = Axis"
    0x00112d54 0x0e383454
    0x0060d150 0x3c0808dd
    0x0060d154 0x8d083068
    0x0060d158 0x24090020
    0x0060d15c 0x15090005
    0x0060d164 0x3c0808e6
    0x0060d168 0x3c090000
    0x0060d16c 0x25290100
    0x0060d170 0xad09825c
    0x0060d174 0x24090001
    0x0060d178 0x15090005
    0x0060d180 0x3c0808e6
    0x0060d184 0x3c090000
    0x0060d188 0x25290200
    0x0060d18c 0xad09825c
    0x0060d190 0x03e00008
    0x0060d194 0x0e2600dd

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    Some MOHH2 Codes I made

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    Re: Some MOHH2 Codes I made

    do most of these work online?

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    Some MOHH2 Codes I made

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    Re: Some MOHH2 Codes I made

    Just a random question.Why are there on and off buttons for these codes??
    thats what the music button is for duhhh LOL

    Always forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.

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