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Thread: Prinny???

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    any codes for it?

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    Re: Prinny???

    i gto some codes

    #Time Hack High
    ;Credit Murderface
    0x00137054 0x0000C980

    #Time Hack Lo
    ;Credit Murderface
    0x00137054 0x00000010

    #Score Hack
    ;Credit Murderface
    0x0013704C 0x00018704
    0x0018E5EC 0x00018704
    0x0018E5F0 0x00018704
    0x0018E5F4 0x00018704
    0x0018E5F8 0x00018704

    #Enemies Can't Kill you
    ;they can still stun
    ;Credit Murderface
    0x0013706C 0x00000004
    0x00367D00 0x00000004

    #Instant Boss Kill - First Boss
    ;Credit Murderface
    0x00369310 0x00000000

    #Rise To Sky
    ;increses height
    ;fairly glitchy
    ;credit Murderface
    0x00040a28 0x0A200C28
    0x000030A0 0x3C0808B6
    0x000030A4 0x8D097C70
    0x000030A8 0x240A0050
    0x000030AC 0x012A5820
    0x000030B0 0xAD0B7C70
    0x000030B4 0x03E00008

    #Super Jump
    ;Hold X to Inrease height
    ;Works more like a superjump rather than a coordinate hack
    ;credit Murderface
    0x00040A28 0x0A200C00
    0x00003000 0x3C08089A
    0x00003004 0x8D081134
    0x00003008 0x24094000
    0x0000300C 0x15090007
    0x00003010 0x00000000
    0x00003014 0x3C0B08B6
    0x00003018 0x8D6C7C70
    0x0000301C 0x3C0D0002
    0x00003020 0x25AFB000
    0x00003024 0x018F7020
    0x00003028 0xAD6E7C70
    0x0000302C 0x00000000
    0x00003030 0x03E00008

    #Mega Prinny
    ;Works awesome because this can also be used to attack all enemies on the screen
    ;or even jump higher/farther.
    ;Credit Murderface
    0x00367C02 0x4080
    0x00367C06 0x4080

    #Infinite Double Jumps
    ;credit murderface
    0x00367CE8 0x01

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