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Thread: Ratchet and clank sm code help

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    Ratchet and clank sm code help

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    Ratchet and clank sm code help

    Alot of people have been wonder how and where to get the ratchet and clank sm nitepr codes. If anyone has any of these please post a link or something to help us out. :snipe::help:

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    Ratchet and clank sm code help

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    Re: Ratchet and clank sm code help

    #No Gravity All Levels
    ;when u jump, ull go flying up slowly
    0x00BF326C 0x3DBB595E
    0x00BE89AC 0x3DBB595E
    0x00BF5EAC 0x3DBB595E
    0x00BF8C6C 0x3DBB595E
    ;works for all levels online only
    0x00BE8A30 0x3FABCAB2
    0x00BF8CF0 0x3FABCAB2
    0x00BF5F30 0x3FABCAB2
    0x00BF32F0 0x3FABCAB2
    #Infinite Health
    0x00B5BA80 0x42C80000
    0x00BF3A24 0x42C80000
    0x00B60CC0 0x42C80000
    0x00BF9424 0x42C80000
    0x00B511B0 0x42C80000
    0x00BE9164 0x42C80000
    0x00B5DB10 0x42C80000
    0x00BF6664 0x42C80000
    #Inf Ammo All Weapons
    ;does not work on mega canons
    0x00B47CB8 0x0000005A
    0x00B47E5C 0x00000024
    0x00B48348 0x0000000C
    0x00B48000 0x00000024
    0x00B489D8 0x0000003C
    0x00B48834 0x00000009
    0x00B48690 0x00000012
    0x00B4AA58 0x0000003C
    0x00B49D38 0x0000005A
    0x00B49EDC 0x00000024
    0x00B4A710 0x00000012
    0x00B4A080 0x00000024
    0x00B4A3C8 0x0000000C
    0x00B4A8B4 0x00000009
    0x00B3D438 0x0000005A
    0x00B3D5DC 0x00000024
    0x00B3E158 0x0000003C
    0x00B3D780 0x00000024
    0x00B3DFB4 0x00000009
    0x00B3DE10 0x00000012
    0x00B3DAC8 0x0000000C
    0x00B4CF38 0x0000005A
    0x00B4D0DC 0x00000024
    0x00B4DC58 0x0000003C
    0x00B4D5C8 0x0000000C
    0x00B4D910 0x00000012
    0x00B4D280 0x00000024
    0x00B4DAB4 0x00000009
    #Animation Lock Run
    0x00BF3420 0x00000000
    0x00BF6060 0x00000002
    0x00BE8B60 0x00000000
    0x00BF8E20 0x00000000
    #SuperJump MCD
    0x00BF31EC 0x3D16BD00
    #SuperJump IE
    0x00BF5E2C 0x3D16BD00
    #DV Blue Flag Tele
    0x00BE8830 0xBFC39FB2
    0x00BE8838 0xC2A7E870
    #DV Red Flag Tele
    0x00BE8830 0x4127E858
    0x00BE8838 0x428F1E6E
    #Infinite Jump
    0x00BF8BB8 0x10000004
    0x00BF5DF8 0x10000004
    0x00BF31B8 0x10000004
    0x00BE88F8 0x10000004
    #Flying Animation
    0x00BF8BB8 0x10000007
    0x00BF5DF8 0x10000007
    0x00BF31B8 0x10000007
    0x00BE88F8 0x10000007
    #Walk When Dead
    0x00BE88F8 0x10000005
    0x00BF8BB8 0x10000005
    0x00BF5DF8 0x10000005
    0x00BF31B8 0x10000005
    0x00BF8BB8 0x10000002
    0x00BF5DF8 0x10000002
    0x00BF31B8 0x10000002
    0x00BE88F8 0x10000002
    #MC Blue Flag Tele
    0x00BF8AF0 0xC26F7F78
    0x00BF8AF8 0xC2711B9A
    0x00BF8AF4 0x40BFFFFB
    #MC Red Flag Tele
    0x00BF8AF0 0x42701DC6
    0x00BF8AF8 0x42713C24
    0x00BF8AF4 0x40BFFFFB
    #HD mode all levels
    0x00B572C8 0x0000957B
    0x00B54118 0x00005AAB
    0x00B3F7B8 0x00005A63
    0x00B52088 0x00009F74
    #Acid Glove full upgrade
    ;Created by H4ck3rD4n
    0x00BE6860 0x4B0004D7
    #Lacerator full upgrade
    0x00BE67B0 0x4B00061C
    #Concussion gun full upgrade
    0x00BE6808 0x4B000430

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