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Thread: ULUS-10251 Final Fantasy NITEPR Codes By DMONCHILD

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    ULUS-10251 Final Fantasy NITEPR Codes By DMONCHILD

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    ULUS-10251 Final Fantasy NITEPR Codes By DMONCHILD

    --!! ITEMS!! MAX EXP!! MAX STATS !!--

    These codes are for the remake of the 1st
    Final Fantasy
    This is one of my favorite games of all time... this remake was amazing.. if you don't have it go download it / rent it / rip it / borrow or buy it.

    Just so theres no confusion i made these codes. No one gave me crap. If your gonna repost this atleast gimme credit or link it back to the original post. If you have some you want me to submit to this thread that i may have missed (MAGIC SPELLS) PM me and i will quote YOU on them thank you again..



    ;ULUS-10251 Final Fantasy
    #!999999 Gil
    0x00512264 0x000F423F

    #!Character 1 - Max Stats
    0x00511EF4 0x63636300
    0x00511EF8 0x6363

    #!Character 2 - Max Stats
    0x00511F50 0x63636300
    0x00511F54 0x6363

    #!Character 3 - Max Stats
    0x00511FAC 0x63636300
    0x00511FB0 0x6363

    #!Character 4 - Max Stats
    0x00512008 0x63636300
    0x0051200C 0x6363

    #!Character 1 - Max Experience
    0x00511EE8 0x0098967F

    #!Character 2 - Max Experience
    0x00511F44 0x0098967F

    #!Character 3 - Max Experience
    0x00511FA0 0x0098967F

    #!Character 4 - Max Experience
    0x00511FFC 0x0098967F

    #!Character 1 - HP / MP
    0x00511EEC 0x03E703E7
    0x00511EF0 0x03E703E7

    #!Character 2 - HP / MP
    0x00511F48 0x03E703E7
    0x00511F4C 0x03E703E7

    #!Character 3 - HP / MP
    0x00511FA4 0x03E703E7
    0x00511FA8 0x03E703E7

    #!Character 4 - HP / MP
    0x00512000 0x03E703E7
    0x00512004 0x03E703E7

    #!Warrior - Equip
    ;Character 1 - Optimal Equipment
    0x00511F00 0x1C352D41
    0x00511F04 0x4B

    #!Red Mage - Equip
    ;Character 2 - Optimal Equipment
    0x00511F5C 0x1C3B2D41
    0x00511F60 0x4B

    #!White Mage - Equip
    ;Character 3 - Optimal Equipment
    0x00511FB8 0x0A3D2D28
    0x00511FBC 0x4B

    #!Black Mage - Equip
    ;Character 4 - Optimal Equipment
    0x00512014 0x0A3D2D28
    0x00511EE4 0x4B

    #!Character 1 Level 99
    0x00511EE4 0x63

    #!Character 2 Level 99
    0x00511F40 0x63

    #!Character 3 Level 99
    0x00511F9C 0x63

    #!Character 4 Level 99
    0x00511FF8 0x63

    #!All Items
    0x00512034 0x01630101
    0x00512038 0x03016302
    0x0051203C 0x63040163
    0x00512040 0x01630501
    0x00512044 0x07016306
    0x00512048 0x63080163
    0x0051204C 0x01630901
    0x00512050 0x0B01630A
    0x00512054 0x630C0163
    0x00512058 0x01630D01
    0x0051205C 0x0F01630E
    0x00512060 0x63100163
    0x00512064 0x01631101
    0x00512068 0x13016312
    0x0051206C 0x63140163
    0x00512070 0x01631501
    0x00512074 0x17016316
    0x00512078 0x63180163
    0x0051207C 0x01631901
    0x00512080 0x1B01631A
    0x00512084 0x631C0163
    0x00512088 0x01641D01
    0x0051208C 0x1F01631E
    0x00512090 0x63200163
    0x00512094 0x01632101
    0x00512098 0x23016322
    0x0051209C 0x63240163
    0x005120A0 0x01632501
    0x005120A4 0x27016326
    0x005120A8 0x63280163
    0x005120AC 0x01632901
    0x005120B0 0x2B01632A
    0x005120B4 0x63010263
    0x005120B8 0x02630202
    0x005120BC 0x04026303
    0x005120C0 0x63050263
    0x005120C4 0x02630602
    0x005120C8 0x08026307
    0x005120CC 0x63090263
    0x005120D0 0x02630A02
    0x005120D4 0x0C02630B
    0x005120D8 0x630C0263
    0x005120DC 0x02630D02
    0x005120E0 0x0F02630E
    0x005120E4 0x63100263
    0x005120E8 0x02631102
    0x005120EC 0x13026312
    0x005120F0 0x63140263
    0x005120F4 0x02631502
    0x005120F8 0x17026316
    0x005120FC 0x63180263
    0x00512100 0x02631902
    0x00512104 0x1B01631A
    0x00512108 0x631C0263
    0x0051210C 0x02631D02
    0x00512110 0x1E02631E
    0x00512114 0x631F0263
    0x00512118 0x02632002
    0x0051211C 0x22026321
    0x00512120 0x63230263
    0x00512124 0x02632402
    0x00512128 0x26026535
    0x0051212C 0x63260263
    0x00512130 0x02632702
    0x00512134 0x28026327
    0x00512138 0x63290263
    0x0051213C 0x02632A02
    0x00512140 0x2C02632B
    0x00512144 0x632D0263
    0x00512148 0x02632E02
    0x0051214C 0x3002632F
    0x00512150 0x63310263
    0x00512154 0x02633201
    0x00512158 0x34026333
    0x0051215C 0x63250163
    0x00512160 0x02633602
    0x00512164 0x38026337
    0x00512168 0x63380263
    0x0051216C 0x02633902
    0x00512170 0x3B02633A
    0x00512174 0x633B0263
    0x00512178 0x02633C02
    0x0051217C 0x3E02633D
    0x00512180 0x633F0263
    0x00512184 0x02634002
    0x00512188 0x42026341
    0x0051218C 0x63430263
    0x00512190 0x03630103
    0x00512194 0x04036303
    0x00512198 0x63050363
    0x0051219C 0x03630603
    0x005121A0 0x08036307
    0x005121A4 0x63090363
    0x005121A8 0x03630A03
    0x005121AC 0x0C03630B
    0x005121B0 0x630C0363
    0x005121B4 0x03630D03
    0x005121B8 0x0F03630E
    0x005121BC 0x63100363
    0x005121C0 0x03631103
    0x005121C4 0x13036312
    0x005121C8 0x63140363
    0x005121CC 0x02631503
    0x005121D0 0x17036316
    0x005121D4 0x63180363
    0x005121D8 0x03631903
    0x005121DC 0x1B03631A
    0x005121E0 0x631C0363
    0x005121E4 0x03631D03
    0x005121E8 0x1E03631D
    0x005121EC 0x631F0363
    0x005121F0 0x03632003
    0x005121F4 0x22036321
    0x005121F8 0x63230363
    0x005121FC 0x03632403
    0x00512200 0x26036325
    0x00512204 0x63270363
    0x00512208 0x03632803
    0x0051220C 0x29036329
    0x00512210 0x632A0363
    0x00512214 0x03632B03
    0x00512218 0x2D03632C
    0x0051221C 0x632E0363
    0x00512220 0x03632F03
    0x00512224 0x31036330
    0x00512228 0x63320363
    0x0051222C 0x03633303
    0x00512230 0x35036334
    0x00512234 0x63360363
    0x00512238 0x03633703
    0x0051223C 0x39036338
    0x00512240 0x633A0363
    0x00512244 0x03633B03
    0x00512248 0x3D03633C
    0x0051224C 0x633E0363
    0x00512250 0x03633F03
    0x00512254 0x41036340
    0x00512258 0x63420363
    0x0051225C 0x03634303
    0x00512260 0x00006344

    Fun with the characters characters equipment:

    The colors represent which values are which items. I am not going to list a complete list of items in here since that would be outrageously long. (There are 255 items in the game)

    ***Note these are not the same values as what are in the items above so don't use those values in this code, you wont get away with it***


    #!Character 1 - Equipment
    0x00511F00 0x01010101
    0x00511F04 0x01

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    ULUS-10251 Final Fantasy NITEPR Codes By DMONCHILD

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    Re: ULUS-10251 Final Fantasy NITEPR Codes By DMONCHILD

    nice thx man im look for the second final fantasy now thx!

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    ULUS-10251 Final Fantasy NITEPR Codes By DMONCHILD

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    Re: ULUS-10251 Final Fantasy NITEPR Codes By DMONCHILD

    I think I found some for FFII, I'll post them up when I can.

    ▲ ▲

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    ULUS-10251 Final Fantasy NITEPR Codes By DMONCHILD

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    Re: ULUS-10251 Final Fantasy NITEPR Codes By DMONCHILD

    wow there is like codes for everything!!!!! lol im going to use these codes right now to see if they work!

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