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Thread: PSV Will Be Easy Development

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    PSV Will Be Easy Development

    Sony says that the Playstation Vita will be the easiest system they have created for developers to make games. Why do I feel like Sony made this system quick just to milk the PSP scene even more. Sony said they wouldn't release another handheld for 10 years because they felt the PSP would last that long, but now that they see it slowly dying with TM:HO out and a few other games that are newly released and already dead, I feel like they are going to be throwing another system out too quick and before you know it the PSV 2 would be out.

    Either way, the moment it comes out, I will be standing in line, as I will be doing a review day one, so you guys look out for it, and I'll tell you how I think Socom FTB4 will look on the Vita.

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    PSV Will Be Easy Development

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    Re: PSV Will Be Easy Development

    Oh my if they come out with a ftb4 on the Vita, I can just imagine how all the old guys from ftb2 and such will come out of the cracks and be gaming again. Its a shame how I was so in love with the socoms for ps2 and psp, yet the ones on the "next generation system" ps3, are really sucky. Its a shame, I guess they just tryed to make it more complicated and I didn't like it anymore.

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