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Thread: Best Hax HERE

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    Best Hax HERE

    #Lock Camera
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x003061D0 0x03E00008

    #PiMP MY GUN
    ;Up - Make gun go up
    ;Down - Make gun go down
    ;Left - Make gun go left
    ;Right - Make gun go right
    ;Select + Up - Make gun go forward
    ;Select + Down - Make gun go backward
    ;Select + Left - Make gun shrink
    ;Select + Right - Make gun grow
    ;Select + L - Back to normal
    ;Start - Stop moving
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    ;CREDiT FORCED, first two lines say twisted
    0x00600ff8 0x73697754
    0x00600ffc 0x00646574
    0x00601000 0x3c0808e6
    0x00601004 0x8d09a968
    0x00601008 0x8d0a7f40
    0x0060100c 0x8d2b0380
    0x00601010 0x240c0010
    0x00601014 0x3c0d0001
    0x00601018 0x154c0006
    0x0060101c 0x00000000
    0x00601020 0x8d6e0194
    0x00601024 0x01cd7820
    0x00601028 0xad6f0194
    0x0060102c 0x10000007
    0x00601030 0x00000000
    0x00601034 0x240c0040
    0x00601038 0x154c0006
    0x0060103c 0x00000000
    0x00601040 0x8d6e0194
    0x00601044 0x01cd7822
    0x00601048 0xad6f0194
    0x0060104c 0x10000007
    0x00601050 0x00000000
    0x00601054 0x240c0020
    0x00601058 0x154c0006
    0x0060105c 0x00000000
    0x00601060 0x8d6e0198
    0x00601064 0x01cd7820
    0x00601068 0xad6f0198
    0x0060106c 0x10000007
    0x00601070 0x00000000
    0x00601074 0x240c0080
    0x00601078 0x154c0006
    0x0060107c 0x00000000
    0x00601080 0x8d6e0198
    0x00601084 0x01cd7822
    0x00601088 0xad6f0198
    0x0060108c 0x10000007
    0x00601090 0x00000000
    0x00601094 0x240c0011
    0x00601098 0x154c0006
    0x0060109c 0x00000000
    0x006010a0 0x8d6e0190
    0x006010a4 0x01cd7820
    0x006010a8 0xad6f0190
    0x006010ac 0x10000007
    0x006010b0 0x00000000
    0x006010b4 0x240c0041
    0x006010b8 0x154c0006
    0x006010bc 0x00000000
    0x006010c0 0x8d6e0190
    0x006010c4 0x01cd7822
    0x006010c8 0xad6f0190
    0x006010cc 0x1000000d
    0x006010d0 0x00000000
    0x006010d4 0x240c0021
    0x006010d8 0x154c000c
    0x006010dc 0x00000000
    0x006010e0 0x8d6a01a0
    0x006010e4 0x8d6c01b4
    0x006010e8 0x8d6e01c8
    0x006010ec 0x014d7820
    0x006010f0 0x018dc020
    0x006010f4 0x01cdc820
    0x006010f8 0xad6f01a0
    0x006010fc 0xad7801b4
    0x00601100 0xad7901c8
    0x00601104 0x1000000d
    0x00601108 0x00000000
    0x0060110c 0x240c0081
    0x00601110 0x154c000c
    0x00601114 0x00000000
    0x00601118 0x8d6a01a0
    0x0060111c 0x8d6c01b4
    0x00601120 0x8d6e01c8
    0x00601124 0x014d7822
    0x00601128 0x018dc022
    0x0060112c 0x01cdc822
    0x00601130 0xad6f01a0
    0x00601134 0xad7801b4
    0x00601138 0xad7901c8
    0x0060113c 0x1000000e
    0x00601140 0x00000000
    0x00601144 0x240c0101
    0x00601148 0x154c000b
    0x0060114c 0x00000000
    0x00601150 0x3c0e4007
    0x00601154 0x3c0f3ea8
    0x00601158 0x3c183fbc
    0x0060115c 0x3c193f7f
    0x00601160 0xad6e0190
    0x00601164 0xad6f0194
    0x00601168 0xad780198
    0x0060116c 0xad7901a0
    0x00601170 0xad7901b4
    0x00601174 0xad7901c8
    0x00601178 0x3c0e08e2
    0x0060117c 0x3c0f08e0
    0x00601180 0x8dced9e4
    0x00601184 0x8def0ff8
    0x00601188 0x11cf0003
    0x0060118c 0x00000000
    0x00601190 0x3c1808ef
    0x00601194 0xaf009038
    0x00601198 0x03e00008
    0x0060119c 0x0e331e68
    0x004cab38 0x0e380400
    0x006e91e4 0x50800000

    #AR-15: Plasma Shotgun
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x00793F84 0x0D
    0x00793F88 0x07
    0x00793FD0 0x0080
    0x00794004 0x0A
    0x00794008 0x3D800000
    0x00794020 0x00FFFFFF
    0x00794024 0x00FFFFFF
    0x00794028 0x00FFFFFF
    0x00794044 0x41A00000
    0x00794048 0x41A00000
    0x00794070 0x0000007D
    0x00794078 0x00000086

    #Elevator (Fixed)
    ;Heigher - Up dpad
    ;Lower - Down dpad
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x00600000 0x3C0808E6
    0x00600004 0x8D09A968
    0x00600008 0x8D290058
    0x0060000C 0x8D0A7F40
    0x00600010 0x240B0010
    0x00600014 0x154B0007
    0x00600018 0x3C0C3F40
    0x0060001C 0x448C5000
    0x00600020 0xC52B0048
    0x00600024 0x460A5B00
    0x00600028 0x440D6000
    0x0060002C 0xAD2D0048
    0x00600030 0x10000008
    0x00600034 0x240B0040
    0x00600038 0x154B0006
    0x00600040 0x448C5000
    0x00600044 0xC52B0048
    0x00600048 0x460A5B01
    0x0060004C 0x440D6000
    0x00600050 0xAD2D0048
    0x00600054 0x03E00008
    0x00600058 0x0E31B3C2
    0x003061E8 0x0E380000
    0x003293EC 0x03E00008

    #Stop Time
    ;Cheat Hz 15/1000
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x006569DA 0x3800

    #Infinite Ammo/ No Recoil
    ;Same as the sfdm code
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x00269110 0x00000000

    #Super Flash
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0xFFFFFFFF 0x0065A968
    0x0000010C 0x40600000 ;4060 is the speed

    #Infinite Ammo
    ;Just regular infinite ammo
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x00269418 0x00000000

    #Burst Size
    ;This makes all guns shoot in bursts
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x00266DEC 0x34020008 ;0008 is the burst size

    #Skeleton Players
    ;Turn on before game
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x002FFB18 0x3C043F20

    #Huge Explosions
    ;This makes every explosion big
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x00212B1C 0x3C074080

    #Water Removal
    ;Waters still there, but looks like its gone
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x0033A8E8 0x3C044480

    #High Waves
    ;Really big waves in water
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x0033B23C 0x3C043E88

    #Clear Under Water
    ;Under Water is clear as above water
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x0024C0E4 0x3C043E80

    #Loose Aimer
    ;Messes with your aimer, makes it loose
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x001EA57C 0x3C043C80

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    Best Hax HERE Hidden 120 Butterflies Champion

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    Re: Best Hax HERE

    thank you!!!

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    Best Hax HERE

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    Re: Best Hax HERE

    they seem pretty kool i'll give them a try

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    Best Hax HERE

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    Re: Best Hax HERE

    very nice

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    Best Hax HERE Hidden 120 Butterflies Champion

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    Re: Best Hax HERE

    How do I get Stop time to work
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    Best Hax HERE

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    Re: Best Hax HERE

    Quote Originally Posted by King of Disasters View Post
    How do I get Stop time to work
    Enable the code and cheat hz 15, Music note.. Throw an Grenade and youll see it shoots out very slow, to make it explode faster just disable ur code by pressing music note.

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    Best Hax HERE

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    Re: Best Hax HERE

    the infinite ammo doesn't work,yes we got infinite but we can't walk,like a glitch

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    Best Hax HERE

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    Re: Best Hax HERE

    A lot of these are great!

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    Best Hax HERE

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    Re: Best Hax HERE

    These R Pretty Cool

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    Best Hax HERE

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    Re: Best Hax HERE

    Do they cause 35?

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