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Thread: knife online

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    knife online

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    knife online

    can some1 please give me the knife online code plzzz:sad:

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    knife online Hidden 120 Butterflies Champion

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    Re: knife online

    I thought the knife where online on the SF games
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    knife online

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    Re: knife online

    #No Restrictions
    0x005044D8 0x00000000

    once u use it turn it off:laugh:

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    Re: knife online

    yeah man i would use Bakonice for the knife man it works great just saying

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    knife online

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    Re: knife online

    This was V.I.P on my site but no one was posting just leaching >_<

    #Give Knife
    ;Shoot, then switch gun in box, then turn off
    ;Turn off inf ammo when using this
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