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Thread: Best Hax HERE

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    Best Hax HERE

    #Invisible Barrier: M16K
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x00836d5c 0x09
    0x00836d60 0x02
    0x00836da8 0x00000000
    0x00836e2e 0x4080
    0x00836e32 0x4080
    0x00836e01 0xFF
    0x00836e05 0xFF
    0x00836e09 0xFF
    0x00836e48 0x0000001b
    0x00836e50 0x00000079

    #Mark and Recall
    ;Must be on same level as your mark to recall there you can't be higher
    ;Example, u cant mark the top of the canyon then recall up there from the bottom
    ;Sfdm's coordinates are messed up so this is kindof unstable
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x00449B8C 0x0E3A0F40
    0x00683D00 0x3C0808E2
    0x00683D04 0x8D08938C
    0x00683D08 0x3C0908E0
    0x00683D0C 0x8D296398
    0x00683D10 0x8D2904C4
    0x00683D14 0x240A0100
    0x00683D18 0x150A0008
    0x00683D1C 0x00000000
    0x00683D20 0x8D2B0020
    0x00683D24 0x8D2C0024
    0x00683D28 0x3C0D0000
    0x00683D2C 0x016D7020
    0x00683D30 0x018D7820
    0x00683D34 0xAD2E01D0
    0x00683D38 0xAD2F01D4
    0x00683D3C 0x03E00008
    0x00683D40 0x0E3A0F51
    0x00683D44 0x3C0808E2
    0x00683D48 0x8D08938C
    0x00683D4C 0x3C0908E0
    0x00683D50 0x8D296398
    0x00683D54 0x8D2904C4
    0x00683D58 0x240A0200
    0x00683D5C 0x150A0008
    0x00683D60 0x00000000
    0x00683D64 0x8D2B01D0
    0x00683D68 0x8D2C01D4
    0x00683D6C 0x3C0D0000
    0x00683D70 0x016D7020
    0x00683D74 0x018D7820
    0x00683D78 0xAD2E0020
    0x00683D7C 0xAD2F0024
    0x00683D80 0x03E00008
    0x00683D84 0x0E3A0F62
    0x00683D88 0x3C0808E2
    0x00683D8C 0x8D08938C
    0x00683D90 0x3C0908E0
    0x00683D94 0x8D296398
    0x00683D98 0x8D2904C4
    0x00683D9C 0x240A0080
    0x00683DA0 0x150A0008
    0x00683DA4 0x00000000
    0x00683DA8 0x8D2B0020
    0x00683DAC 0x8D2C0024
    0x00683DB0 0x3C0D0000
    0x00683DB4 0x016D7020
    0x00683DB8 0x018D7820
    0x00683DBC 0xAD2E01E0
    0x00683DC0 0xAD2F01E4
    0x00683DC4 0x03E00008
    0x00683DC8 0x0E3A0F73
    0x00683DCC 0x3C0808E2
    0x00683DD0 0x8D08938C
    0x00683DD4 0x3C0908E0
    0x00683DD8 0x8D296398
    0x00683DDC 0x8D2904C4
    0x00683DE0 0x240A0020
    0x00683DE4 0x150A0008
    0x00683DE8 0x00000000
    0x00683DEC 0x8D2B01E0
    0x00683DF0 0x8D2C01E4
    0x00683DF4 0x3C0D0000
    0x00683DF8 0x016D7020
    0x00683DFC 0x018D7820
    0x00683E00 0xAD2E0020
    0x00683E04 0xAD2F0024
    0x00683E08 0x03E00008
    0x00683E0C 0x0E313E83

    ;Up - Increase Hieght
    ;Down - Decrease Hieght
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    ;CREDiT FORCED, first two lines say twisted
    0x00728000 0x73697774
    0x00728004 0x00646574
    0x00728008 0x3c0808e0
    0x0072800c 0x8d096398
    0x00728010 0x8d2a04d0
    0x00728014 0x3c0b08e2
    0x00728018 0x8d6c938c
    0x0072801c 0x240d0040
    0x00728020 0x158d0007
    0x00728028 0x8d4e03f8
    0x0072802c 0x3c0f0001
    0x00728030 0x01cfc022
    0x00728034 0xad5803f8
    0x00728038 0x10000008
    0x00728040 0x240d0010
    0x00728044 0x158d0005
    0x0072804c 0x8d4e03f8
    0x00728050 0x3c0f0001
    0x00728054 0x01cfc020
    0x00728058 0xad5803f8
    0x0072805c 0x3c0a08e3
    0x00728060 0x8d4aec88
    0x00728064 0x3c0b08f3
    0x00728068 0x8d6b8000
    0x0072806c 0x114b0003
    0x00728074 0x3c0c08e9
    0x00728078 0xad804e44
    0x0072807c 0x03e00008
    0x00728080 0x0e313e85
    0x00449be8 0x0e3ca002
    0x00565f8c 0x03e00008

    #Fly West
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x005664f0 0x27a402a0

    #Fly North
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x005664f0 0x27a402b0

    #Name Cycle
    ;Press L to cycle through three names
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    ;CREDiT FORCED, first two lines say twisted
    0x00707000 0x73697774
    0x00707004 0x00646574
    0x00707008 0x3c0808f0
    0x0070700c 0x8d096ff8
    0x00707010 0x3c0a0001
    0x00707014 0x19200003
    0x00707018 0x00000000
    0x0070701c 0x012a5822
    0x00707020 0xad0b6ff8
    0x00707024 0x8d0c6ffc
    0x00707028 0x3c0d0a00
    0x0070702c 0x8dadb218
    0x00707030 0x3c0e08ee
    0x00707034 0x8dce66c8
    0x00707038 0x3c0f08e2
    0x0070703c 0x8def938c
    0x00707040 0x24180100
    0x00707044 0x1d20004b
    0x00707048 0x00000000
    0x0070704c 0x1d800018
    0x00707050 0x00000000
    0x00707054 0x15f80014
    0x00707058 0x00000000
    0x0070705c 0x3c0f4b14
    0x00707060 0x25ef5315
    0x00707064 0x3c184c12
    0x00707068 0x27186913
    0x0070706c 0x3c190000
    0x00707070 0x27394c16
    0x00707074 0x3c0b0000
    0x00707078 0x256b0000
    0x0070707c 0xadaf003c
    0x00707080 0xadcf0028
    0x00707084 0xadb80040
    0x00707088 0xadd8002c
    0x0070708c 0xadb90044
    0x00707090 0xadd90030
    0x00707094 0xadab0048
    0x00707098 0xadcb0034
    0x0070709c 0xad0a6ffc
    0x007070a0 0x3c0a0030
    0x007070a4 0xad0a6ff8
    0x007070a8 0x10000019
    0x007070ac 0x00000000
    0x007070b0 0x3c0a0002
    0x007070b4 0x114c0018
    0x007070b8 0x00000000
    0x007070bc 0x15f80014
    0x007070c0 0x00000000
    0x007070c4 0x3c0f4f16
    0x007070c8 0x25ef5015
    0x007070cc 0x3c184516
    0x007070d0 0x27185713
    0x007070d4 0x3c190000
    0x007070d8 0x27395215
    0x007070dc 0x3c0b0000
    0x007070e0 0x256b0000
    0x007070e4 0xadaf003c
    0x007070e8 0xadcf0028
    0x007070ec 0xadb80040
    0x007070f0 0xadd8002c
    0x007070f4 0xadb90044
    0x007070f8 0xadd90030
    0x007070fc 0xadab0048
    0x00707100 0xadcb0034
    0x00707104 0xad0a6ffc
    0x00707108 0x3c0a0030
    0x0070710c 0xad0a6ff8
    0x00707110 0x10000018
    0x00707114 0x00000000
    0x00707118 0x154c0016
    0x0070711c 0x00000000
    0x00707120 0x15f80014
    0x00707124 0x00000000
    0x00707128 0x3c0f4113
    0x0070712c 0x25ef5415
    0x00707130 0x3c184512
    0x00707134 0x27184c14
    0x00707138 0x3c195414
    0x0070713c 0x27394e16
    0x00707140 0x3c0b0000
    0x00707144 0x256b0000
    0x00707148 0xadaf003c
    0x0070714c 0xadcf0028
    0x00707150 0xadb80040
    0x00707154 0xadd8002c
    0x00707158 0xadb90044
    0x0070715c 0xadd90030
    0x00707160 0xadab0048
    0x00707164 0xadcb0034
    0x00707168 0xad006ffc
    0x0070716c 0x3c0a0030
    0x00707170 0xad0a6ff8
    0x00707174 0x3c0f08e3
    0x00707178 0x8defec88
    0x0070717c 0x8d187000
    0x00707180 0x11f80003
    0x00707184 0x00000000
    0x00707188 0x3c1908e9
    0x0070718c 0xaf204e44
    0x00707190 0x03e00008
    0x00707194 0x0e313e83
    0x00449b8c 0x0e3c1c02

    #Sawed-Off HE
    ;Turn on in the lobby
    ;Cheat Hz 15/1000
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x00841a98 0x65776153
    0x00841a9c 0x664f2d64
    0x00841aa0 0x45482066
    0x00841aa4 0x006c6f00
    0x00841b58 0x0000FFFF
    0x00841bfc 0x41a00000
    0x00841c00 0x41a00000
    0x00841c18 0x00000005
    0x00841bd4 0x00000191
    0x00841bd8 0x00000191
    0x00841bdc 0x00000191

    #Change Name While Hosting
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0xFFFFFFFF 0x017fb218
    0x0000003c 0x4b145315
    0x00000040 0x4c126913
    0x00000044 0x00004c16
    0x00000048 0x00000000
    0x0000004c 0x00000000

    #Auto Spam
    ;Press start to start the spam, only works in rooms
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x000e2560 0x50800000
    0x000e3550 0x14800003
    0x000e3580 0x24c624d0
    0x000e34fc 0x00000000
    0x005c24d0 0x57575715
    0x005c24d4 0x5350122e
    0x005c24d8 0x2e534850
    0x005c24dc 0x4d4f4316
    0x005c24e0 0x00000000

    #Dual-Shock M16K
    ;Turn on in the lobby
    ;Cheat Hz 15/1000
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x00836cc8 0x6c617544
    0x00836ccc 0x6f68532d
    0x00836cd0 0x4d206b63
    0x00836cd4 0x004b3631
    0x00836d58 0x03
    0x00836d60 0x0b
    0x00836d6c 0x01
    0x00836e00 0xc8
    0x00836e04 0xc8
    0x00836e08 0xc8
    0x00836e50 0x00000079

    #Grow & Shrink Player
    ;LEFT - Shrink Player
    ;RIGHT - Grow Player
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    ;CREDiT FORCED, first two lines say twisted
    0x0070c000 0x73697774
    0x0070c004 0x00646574
    0x0070c008 0x3c0808e2
    0x0070c00c 0x8d08938c
    0x0070c010 0x3c0908ed
    0x0070c014 0x8d29c780
    0x0070c018 0x3c0a08e3
    0x0070c01c 0x8d4aec88
    0x0070c020 0x240b0080
    0x0070c024 0x240c0020
    0x0070c028 0x150b0006
    0x0070c02c 0x3c0d0005
    0x0070c030 0x8d2e0158
    0x0070c034 0x01cd7822
    0x0070c038 0xad2f0158
    0x0070c03c 0x1000000c
    0x0070c044 0x3c0e08f1
    0x0070c048 0x8dcec000
    0x0070c04c 0x11ca0003
    0x0070c054 0x3c0f08e9
    0x0070c058 0xade04e44
    0x0070c05c 0x150c0004
    0x0070c064 0x8d2e0158
    0x0070c068 0x01cd7820
    0x0070c06c 0xad2f0158
    0x0070c070 0x03e00008
    0x0070c074 0x0e2e67e7
    0x0056614c 0x0e3c3002
    0x00694FC4 0x00004680

    #Lock Player
    ;Press Left to toggle lock on/off
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    ;CREDiT FORCED, first two lines say twisted
    0x0061a1f0 0x73697774
    0x0061a1f4 0x00646574
    0x0061a200 0x3c0808e2
    0x0061a204 0x8d09938c
    0x0061a208 0x8d0aa1fc
    0x0061a20c 0x11400004
    0x0061a214 0x3c0b0001
    0x0061a218 0x014b6022
    0x0061a21c 0xad0ca1fc
    0x0061a220 0x3c0d08d6
    0x0061a224 0x8d0ea1f8
    0x0061a228 0x240f0080
    0x0061a22c 0x1d400015
    0x0061a234 0x1dc0000b
    0x0061a23c 0x15e90007
    0x0061a244 0x3c18fbb0
    0x0061a248 0x271802a0
    0x0061a24c 0xadb86500
    0x0061a250 0xad08a1f8
    0x0061a254 0x3c190030
    0x0061a258 0xad19a1fc
    0x0061a25c 0x10000009
    0x0061a264 0x15e90007
    0x0061a26c 0x3c18fbb0
    0x0061a270 0x27180290
    0x0061a274 0xadb86500
    0x0061a278 0xad00a1f8
    0x0061a27c 0x3c190030
    0x0061a280 0xad19a1fc
    0x0061a284 0x3c0908e3
    0x0061a288 0x8d2aec88
    0x0061a28c 0x8d0ba1f0
    0x0061a290 0x114b0003
    0x0061a294 0x00000000
    0x0061a298 0x3c0c08e9
    0x0061a29c 0xad804e44
    0x0061a2a0 0x03e00008
    0x0061a2a4 0x0e3127fd
    0x00449B74 0x0e386880

    #Fixed Jump
    ;Press up to jump
    ;CREDiT: _xXxTWiST3DxXx_
    0x00000600 0x3C0808E0
    0x00000604 0x8D086398
    0x00000608 0x8D0904C4
    0x0000060C 0x3C0A08E2
    0x00000610 0x8D4A938C
    0x00000614 0x240B0010
    0x00000618 0x154B0006
    0x0000061C 0x3C0C4040 ;4040 is the hieght of the jump
    0x00000620 0x448C5000
    0x00000624 0xC52B0028
    0x00000628 0x460A5B00
    0x0000062C 0x440D6000
    0x00000630 0xAD2D0028
    0x00000634 0x03E00008
    0x00565F30 0x0E200180

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    Best Hax HERE

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    Re: Best Hax HERE

    dnt work ur haxs( elevator, fly north fly west)

    ----Added 6/10/2008 at 7:37 AM----
    my psp frz when i active this

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    Best Hax HERE

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    Re: Best Hax HERE

    Quote Originally Posted by asesino14 View Post
    dnt work ur haxs( elevator, fly north fly west)

    ----Added 6/10/2008 at 7:37 AM----
    my psp frz when i active this
    CHEAT HZ---> 15

    and they all work

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    Best Hax HERE

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    Re: Best Hax HERE

    wow wow wow

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    Best Hax HERE

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    Re: Best Hax HERE

    What game is this ???

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