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Thread: Thin Ice Glitche's

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    Thin Ice Glitche's

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    Thin Ice Glitche's

    OK well i know a few of the glitches in this level.

    #1: Get under barn.

    Well first equip yourself with a secondary weapon and of course your grenades.

    What you do: You pron (lay down) in front of the barn, where if you look straight there is that big plank of wood on an angle. Well when you lay down there are lines on the snowy bottom of the barn. What you want to do is hold triangle with your secondary out and start moving forward in between the 3rd and 4th lines. l-l-l-l-l-l-l
    And you just go in as fast as you can. And one your under you are done, but do not go to far or you'll stand up and get out.
    #2: Flying Glitch.

    Again equip your secondary and you grenades.

    What you do: Either go up by the window or on the right of the house by the stairs. And where is says CLIMB. And then crouch, wait until it says climb again and then prone (lay down) and move back until CLIMB goes away and STOP, then move forward until it says climb again and press triangle (VERY IMPORTANT, or you will be laying down while trying to fly and you will move very slow) and then square right after. Hold L ( Left trigger on top of PSP) and start moving in any direction.
    #3: Getting Under the house:

    This one you don't need to use your grenades or secondary weapon. This is the most effective and yet most easy glitch to do, and quickest to.
    Well what you do is go near the house, look at it so you see the Left window, door, right window. Go to the right window while crouching. And go very close to it and start moving to the right until CLIMB goes away,then move slowly to the left until it goes back. The you press square to climb, and quickly hold L and move to the right, once you see you are in the house and are partly under it, press the right button on the D pad or what ever it is called now, ( the buttons above the analog) so it shows free look, the move the analog left and you will see your head popping above the floor, then press triangle and then just move under.

    Hint: This is much more effective then trying to proxy ( prone and move slowly) through the walls.

    Well I hope I made these glitches as detailed as possible, took me 25 minutes to think of the right way to make this thread so I hope you appreciate it. And if anyone wants to make a detailed description of the Rolling Stock Catwalk glitch I will gladly give respect :).

    Thanks you.

    Martin671 <<<<<<<<<<<<<Socom FTB1 online name, add me ;)
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    Thin Ice Glitche's

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    Re: Thin Ice Glitche's

    very nice! yea very good at ex

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    Thin Ice Glitche's

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    Re: Thin Ice Glitche's

    I know how to do the cat walk glitch but I cannot explain it in detail so i will make a vid on youtube and post it. If i forget to post it type frogmanbob and search there.

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    Thin Ice Glitche's

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    Re: Thin Ice Glitche's

    sweet, very helpful
    :blink: Xx_Johnny_xX:blink:

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    Thin Ice Glitche's

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    Exclamation Re: Thin Ice Glitche's

    nice but theres 4 flying glitches & 2 ways to get under the map. ill post them later
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