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Thread: Text mods

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    Text mods

    #Change V.130
    0x01095354 0x--------
    0x01095358 0x--------

    #Change Sony Computer Entertainment
    0x005A440C 0x--------
    0x005A4410 0x--------
    0x005A4414 0x--------
    0x005A4418 0x--------
    0x005A441C 0x--------
    0x005A4420 0x--------
    0x005A4424 0x--------
    0x00514428 0x--------

    #Change Developed By Zipper
    0x00599E74 0x--------
    0x00599E78 0x--------
    0x00599E7C 0x--------
    0x00599E80 0x--------
    0x00599E84 0x--------
    0x00599E88 0x--------
    0x00599E8C 0x--------
    0x00599E90 0x--------
    0x00599E94 0x --------

    0x0049F79C 0x--------
    0x0049F7A0 0x--------

    #pick up primary=
    0x0049F7AC 0x--------
    0x0049F7B0 0x--------
    0x0049F7B4 0x--------
    0x0049F7B8 0x--------

    0x0049F878 0x--------
    0x0049F87C 0x--------

    0x0049F888 0x--------
    0x0049F88C 0x--------

    #[] respawn =
    0x0049F9AC 0x--------
    0x0049F9B0 0x--------
    0x0049F9B4 0x--------

    #respawn in =
    0x0049F99C 0x--------
    0x0049F9A0 0x--------
    0x0049F9A4 0x--------
    0x0049F9A8 0x--------

    0x00597d44 0x--------
    0x00597d48 0x--------
    0x00597d4c 0x--------
    0x00597d50 0x--------
    0x00597d54 0x--------
    0x00597d58 0x--------

    0x004988f8 0x--------
    0x004988fc 0x--------
    0x00498900 0x--------

    0x00498904 0x--------
    0x00498908 0x--------
    0x0049890c 0x--------

    #Drop Bomb
    0x0049f7d0 0x--------
    0x0049f7d4 0x--------
    0x0049f7d8 0x--------

    0x0049f7e0 0x--------
    0x0049f7e4 0x--------

    0x0049f7e8 0x--------
    0x0049f7ec 0x--------

    #Rifle butt
    0x0049f7f4 0x--------
    0x0049f7f8 0x--------
    0x0049f7fc 0x--------

    #PSP Cube Taunt
    0x005A3C0C 0x63707370
    0x005A3C10 0x2E656275
    0x005A3C14 0x206D6F63
    0x005A3C18 0x21575446
    0x005A3C1c 0x00000000
    0x005A3C20 0x00000000
    0x005A3C24 0x00000000
    0x005A3C28 0x00000000
    0x005A3C2c 0x00000000

    #Funny Vote Out Message
    0x0049984C 0x6B636944
    0x00499850 0x5C736148
    0x00499854 0x6B637546
    0x00499858 0x74206465

    #Fags Eliminated
    0x00597D44 0x47414620
    0x00597D48 0x53544547
    0x00597D4C 0x494C4520
    0x00597D50 0x414E494D
    0x00597D54 0x00444554
    0x00597D58 0x00000000

    #"Vote" To "BOOT"
    0x0058F130 0x544F4F42

    #7skimos custom game lobby(bigger better and uncut)
    0x005928f0 0x63695000
    0x005928f4 0x6f59206b
    0x005928f8 0x7d312a7b
    0x005928fc 0x00746147
    0x00592900 0x656c6553
    0x00592904 0x53207463
    0x00592908 0x69646c6f
    0x0059290c 0x00207361
    0x00598e24 0x54207d31
    0x00598e28 0x206b6c61
    0x00598e2c 0x74696853
    0x00598e30 0x79542000
    0x00598e34 0x53206570
    0x00598e38 0x20746968
    0x005a6604 0x61472020
    0x005a6608 0x7473676e
    0x005a660c 0x00207361
    0x00584158 0x49500053
    0x0058415c 0x0073504d
    0x00592878 0x63614820
    0x0059287c 0x4900206b
    0x00587e20 0x4b434148
    0x00587e24 0x54532025
    0x00587e28 0x20545241
    0x005928dc 0x37207942
    0x005928e0 0x6d694b73
    0x005928e4 0x5400206f
    0x0049f2e0 0x52415453
    0x0049f2e4 0x41482054
    0x0049f2e8 0x4e494b43
    0x0049f2ec 0x25202047
    0x0059272c 0x7551207d
    0x00592730 0x7b007469
    0x0059273c 0x54006c61
    0x00592740 0x6f536568
    0x00592744 0x486d6f63
    0x00592748 0x656b6361
    0x0059274c 0x632e7372
    0x00592750 0x20206d6f
    0x005930ac 0x322a7b00
    0x005930b0 0x206f4e7d
    0x005930b4 0x626f6f4e
    0x005930b8 0x774f2073
    0x005930bc 0x2064656e
    0x005930c0 0x20746559
    0x005930c4 0x45002020
    0x004b8928 0x73616c46
    0x004b892c 0x31343168
    0x004b8928 0x6564614e
    0x004b892c 0x20202073
    0x004b8a28 0x6b6f6d53
    0x004b8a2c 0x31340065
    0x004b8428 0x6d6f6f42
    0x004b842c 0x63697453
    0x004b8430 0x0000006b
    0x00592930 0x6f562000
    0x00592934 0x00206469
    0x00592938 0x4e77654e
    0x0059293c 0x00656d61
    0x00593328 0x4e007265
    0x0059332c 0x20626f6f
    0x00593330 0x74616544
    0x00593334 0x6f542068
    0x00593338 0x4d006c6c
    0x005928e4 0x4d00206f
    0x005928e8 0x53207061
    0x005928ec 0x73636570
    0x00599e3c 0x2070614d
    0x00599e40 0x65705320
    0x00599e44 0x20207363
    0x00584134 0x4d005345
    0x00584138 0x20205041
    0x0058413c 0x43455053
    0x00584140 0x00202053
    0x005aa4a8 0x4d207d74
    0x005aa4ac 0x2065766f
    0x005aa4b0 0x764f2020
    0x005aa4b4 0x54007265
    0x00592974 0x424f4f4e
    0x00592978 0x414d0053
    0x0059297c 0x4f4e2058
    0x00592980 0x0053424f
    0x0058b17c 0x6f542e6d
    0x0058b180 0x616d206f
    0x0058b184 0x4e20796e
    0x0058b188 0x73626f6f
    0x0058b18c 0x5020202c
    0x0058b190 0x73736572
    0x0058b194 0x7d587b20
    0x0058b198 0x73614620
    0x0058b19c 0x20726574
    0x0058b1a0 0x47002e20

    #...BrOwN.PrIdEs custom ftb2 lobby
    ;choose weapon=select yo sh*t
    0x005928F0 0x6C655300
    0x005928F4 0x20746365
    0x005928F8 0x53206F59
    0x005928FC 0x00746968
    0x00592900 0x656C6553
    ;teamn view=hack view
    0x005928E4 0x48005942
    0x005928E8 0x206B6361
    0x005928EC 0x77656956
    0x005928F0 0x6C655300
    ;select character=select yo pimp
    0x00592900 0x656C6553
    0x00592904 0x59207463
    0x00592908 0x2072756F
    0x0059290C 0x706D6950
    0x00592910 0x696F4A00
    ;switch team=choose team
    0x005AA4A8 0x43207D74
    0x005AA4AC 0x736F6F68
    0x005AA4B0 0x69531F65
    0x005AA4B4 0x54006564
    0x005AA4B8 0x74206568
    ;thermal uses *IM OUT AND PROUD* infrared
    0x005AA4CC 0x75462073
    0x005AA4D0 0x47206E6B
    0x005AA4D4 0x69207961
    0x005AA4D8 0x6172666E
    0x00593328 0x50007265
    0x0059332C 0x20646E77
    0x00593330 0x6D656854
    0x00593334 0x77654E20
    0x00593338 0x4D007362
    0x0059333C 0x204E4941
    0x00592878 0x46544720
    0x0059287C 0x49005E5E
    0x00592880 0x4C45544E
    ;text chat=type down and talk=use da mic
    0x00598E24 0x55207D31
    0x00598E28 0x44206573
    0x00598E2C 0x694D2061
    0x00598E30 0x79540063
    0x00598E34 0x44206570
    0x00598E38 0x206E776F
    0x00598E3C 0x7D31527B
    0x00584158 0x33350053
    0x0058415C 0x00734C41
    0x00584160 0x72726554
    ;game starts in fu.k.d.e.m.n.o.o.b.s
    0x00587E2C 0x46004E49
    0x00587E30 0x004B0055
    0x00587E34 0x00450044
    0x00587E38 0x004E004D
    0x00587E3C 0x004F004F
    0x00587E40 0x00530042
    0x00587E44 0x64616552
    ;ready button currently f*cked up if you try agian your a noob
    0x00587E50 0x72756320
    0x00587E54 0x746E6572
    0x00587E58 0x4620796C
    0x00587E5C 0x64656B75
    0x00587E60 0x2E705520
    0x00587E64 0x20664920
    0x00587E68 0x72542055
    0x00587E6C 0x67412079
    0x00587E70 0x206E6961
    0x00587E74 0x72756F59
    0x00587E78 0x4E204120
    0x00587E7C 0x2E626F6F
    0x00587E80 0x69775300
    ;switch button disabled try again in a few hours
    0x00587EB4 0x6F482077
    0x00587EB8 0x20737275
    0x00587EBC 0x53002E20
    ;switching is not allowed after you gd^ nub
    0x00587EE8 0x205E6447
    0x00587EEC 0x754E2055
    0x00587EF0 0x53002E62
    0x00587EF4 0x63746977
    0x00587EF8 0x676E6968
    ;you have been booted from that game
    0x00587F60 0x6F42206E
    0x00587F64 0x6465746F
    0x00587F68 0x6F724620
    0x00587F6C 0x6854206D
    0x00587F70 0x67207461
    0x00587F74 0x20656D61

    Somebody Helps You, Always REP+

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    Text mods

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    Re: Text mods

    do u got killzone hacks

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    Text mods

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    Re: Text mods

    i dont get this

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    Re: Text mods

    okay i believe you change the dashes to what you want it to say in the nite pr
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    Re: Text mods

    nice codes rep+

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    Text mods

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    Re: Text mods

    isnt there one for ... fragged.. with sr-22

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    Re: Text mods

    who all can see this, just the person using?

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    Text mods

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    Re: Text mods

    i think yea cause its a text mod

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    Re: Text mods

    no im pretty sure everyone in the room sees it
    Somebody Helps You, Always REP+

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    Re: Text mods

    thats sick! thanks for the codes

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