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Thread: Socom Ftb 2 Eu Codes

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    Socom Ftb 2 Eu Codes

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    Socom Ftb 2 Eu Codes


    #Switch Teams Text.
    0x005cbc28 0x45540000
    0x005cbc30 0x43544957
    0x005cbc34 0x00000000
    0x005cbc38 0x41455400
    0x005cbc3c 0x5753204d
    0x005cbc40 0x00435449

    #Switch Teams
    0x0018c108 0x0e253ede
    0x0018c10c 0x00000000

    #Infinite Health.
    0x2027db24 0x03E00008
    0x2027db28 0x00000000
    0x2027e400 0x03E00008
    0x2027e404 0x00000000

    #Bullet Clipping
    0x20281CF0 0x03e00008
    0x20281CF4 0x00000000
    0x20281C6C 0x03e00008
    0x20281C70 0x00000000

    0x205701fc 0x3FC00000

    0x20283028 0x03e00008
    0x2028302c 0x00000000

    #Vertical Clipping
    0x202632b8 0x03E00008


    ;press start the compass on/off to boot
    0x0018c108 0x0c041e85
    0x00107a3c 0x340800ff

    #Lobby Boot 02
    0x0014fb90 0x0e241e85
    0x00107a3c 0x34080002

    #Lobby Boot FF
    0x0014fb90 0x0e241e85
    0x00107a3c 0x340800FF

    #Anti Lobby Boot 02
    0x001088a4 0x34020002
    0x00107B40 0x34020002

    #Anti Lobby Boot FF
    0x001088a4 0x340200FF
    0x00107B40 0x340200FF

    #Taunt = Boot.
    0x20107a3c 0x34080002

    #Vote = Boot.
    0x20029210 0x34080006

    #Anti - Boot.
    0x001088A4 0x34020002
    0x00107B40 0x34020004


    0x20056924 0x24067FFE
    0x20056A6C 0x24067FFE

    #Rank Up High
    0x20056924 0x7FFF002C
    0x20056A6C 0x7FFF002C


    #Inf. Medkit.
    0x20622194 0x05580558

    #No Knee Break (Fall)
    0x20272a90 0x03e00008
    0x20272a94 0x00000000

    #No Flash Blindness.
    0X2056FDE0 0x447a0000

    #Auto M16
    0x20616720 0x001e04cd

    #No Fall Damage.
    0x2056fde0 0x447A0000

    #Unoticable Flash.
    0x205701FC 0x3f870000

    #No Recoil.
    0x20293350 0x03E00008
    0x20293354 0x00000000
    0x0028debc 0x03E00008

    #Infinite Ammo.
    0x20317e40 0x00c52821

    #Major Crackhead
    0x2056FDEC 0x40000000
    0x2056FDF0 0x40000000
    0x2056FDF4 0x40000000
    0x2056FE00 0x40000000

    #Shoot + Aim Through Walls.
    0x2011f3e0 0x03E00008

    #Stop equipment (launched / thrown)
    0x2031ef10 0xc7b40000


    #One Shot Kill.
    0x00611938 0xFFFFFFFF
    0x00611B10 0xFFFFFFFF
    0x00611CE8 0xFFFFFFFF
    0x00611EC0 0xFFFFFFFF
    0x00612098 0xFFFFFFFF
    0x00612270 0xFFFFFFFF
    0x00612448 0xFFFFFFFF
    0x00612620 0xFFFFFFFF
    0x006127F8 0xFFFFFFFF
    0x006129D0 0xFFFFFFFF
    0x00612BA8 0xFFFFFFFF
    0x00612D80 0xFFFFFFFF
    0x00612F58 0xFFFFFFFF
    0x00613130 0xFFFFFFFF
    0x00613308 0xFFFFFFFF
    0x006134E0 0xFFFFFFFF

    #Perfect Target Lock Online.
    0x00570114 0x00000000
    0x00570118 0x00000000
    0x0057011C 0x00000000
    0x00570120 0x00000000
    0x00570124 0x00000000
    0x00570128 0x00000000
    0x0057012C 0x00000000
    0x00570130 0x00000000
    0x00570134 0x00000000
    0x00570138 0x00000000
    0x0057013C 0x00000000
    0x00570140 0x00000000
    0x00570144 0x00000000
    0x00570168 0x00000000
    0x0057016C 0x00000000
    0x00570170 0x00000000
    0x00570174 0x00000000
    0x0057018C 0x00000000

    0x2056fdc8 0xFFFFFFFF

    #Zoom Teleport.
    0x201c2d04 0xE7CD0018
    0x201c2d14 0xE7CD001C
    0x201c2d24 0xE7CD0020

    #Rapid fire
    0x20293024 0x1000000B

    #Third Party.
    0x20314674 0x03E00008

    #Low Gravity.
    0x2056fdb0 0x423C0000

    #Instant Respawn.
    0x2001bcf4 0x10000001

    #Plant M6/FLASH/HE/SMOKE.
    0x206207d0 0x00000003
    0x20620458 0x00000003
    0x206200e0 0x00000003
    0x2061f9dc 0x00000003

    0x206211d4 0x00000001
    0x206214e8 0x00000001
    0x206217f4 0x00000001

    #4x Throw Distance.
    0x2057005c 0x451C0000
    0x20570060 0x451C0000

    #Rapid Grenades. [Keep Tapping]
    0x20293144 0x00000000
    0x20293110 0x00000000
    0x20293118 0x00000000
    0x20293258 0x93A40020

    #Lock on Rockets.
    0x20621DF8 0x00000001
    0x20621ad4 0x00000001

    #Bouncing Rockets
    0x206143A4 0x00001B58
    0x2061457C 0x00001B58

    #GMP [Zx25 burst]
    0x2061dee4 0x00000003
    0x0061df04 0x0000000a

    #Stinger online.
    0x20620af4 0x44BB8000
    0x20620af8 0x00000079
    0x20620afc 0xB6A2F3FB

    #Pimped STG-77
    0x2061811c 0x00000009
    0x2061813c 0x00000010
    0x2061815c 0x00000007
    0x2061817c 0x00000005
    0x2061819c 0x00000004
    0x206181bc 0x00000001
    0x206181dc 0x0000000a
    0x206181fc 0x00000000
    0x2061821c 0x00000003
    0x2061823c 0x00000002
    0x2061825c 0x00000006
    0x2061827c 0x0000000c

    #Play Dead.
    0x2027d758 0x03E00008

    #Silent Death.
    0x20619cac 0x000000FF
    0x2061a1b4 0x000000FF
    0x2061a674 0x000000FF
    0x2061ab30 0x000000FF
    0x2061aff0 0x000000FF
    0x2061b4b0 0x000000FF
    0x2061b9b8 0x000000FF

    #Bomb pops to you INSTANTLY.
    0x2026f81c 0x00000000
    0x2026f7f4 0x3c044500

    #Full Screen Scope.
    0x201c2af8 0x00000000

    #No Cross Hairs
    0x20347e50 0x03e00008
    0x20347e60 0x00000000

    ;Huge Defuse Bomb Range.
    ;0x2056fe88 0x50000000

    ;Huge Weapon Pickup Range.
    ;0x2056fe80 0x45000000

    #Remove Your Weapons.
    0x2028f2a4 0x03e00008


    #Secret Window. [Big] NO HUD.
    0x200f1720 0x3c063e40

    #Secret Window. [Small]
    0x200f1720 0x3c063f00

    #Secret Window. [Upside-Down]
    0x200f1720 0x3c064080

    #Character Opacity.
    0x20542F3C 0x3E800000

    #One Shot Give Up.
    0x205718d0 0x1000000B

    #Unresponsive Villagers/Mercenaries.
    0x20276978 0x03e00008

    #Death Animation. [Die Small]
    0x200f10dc 0x3c0608ca

    #Death Animation. [Die Big]
    0x200f10dc 0x3c064000

    #Death Animation. [Die Bigger]
    0x200f10dc 0x3c064080

    ;Shoot Medkit.
    ;0x206551A8 0x000000d6

    ;Shoot Satchel.
    ;0x206551A8 0x00000098

    ;Shoot C4.
    ;0x206551A8 0x00000097

    ;Shoot Stinger.
    ;0x206551A8 0x00000098

    ;Shoot R303.
    ;0x206551A8 0x00000081

    ;Shoot PMN.
    ;0x206551A8 0x0000009e

    ;Shoot M7A3.
    ;0x206551A8 0x0000007d

    ;Shoot Mark141.
    ;0x206551A8 0x0000007b

    ;Silent but deadly dominos.
    ;x206555d4 0x08E07184
    ;x206555bc 0x00000098

    #R303 Online.
    0x2061be78 0x00000049
    0x2061be7c 0x2A5270C5

    #Inf. CE/Superb LI.
    0x205281b4 0x000F423F
    0x205281b8 0x000F423F

    # - [Imposters] -

    #[No Name]
    0x204a14f0 0x
    0x204a14f4 0x
    0x204a14f8 0x
    0x204a14fc 0x
    0x204a1500 0x
    0x204a1504 0x
    0x204a1508 0x
    0x204a150c 0x

    #[You Just Got Booted]
    0x004A14F0 0x20756F59
    0x004A14F4 0x7473754A
    0x004A14F8 0x746F4720
    0x004A14FC 0x6F6F4220
    0x004A1500 0x00646574
    0x004A1504 0x00000000
    0x004A1508 0x00000000
    0x004A150C 0x00000000

    # - [MEME] -

    #[MEME] {START} ThE GoD DamN GamE
    ;A DMA code - revJ only
    0xFFFFFFFF 0x0056c558
    0x00000000 0x7D322A7B
    0x00000004 0x6174537B
    0x00000008 0x207D7472
    0x0000000C 0x20456854
    0x00000010 0x20446F47
    0x00000014 0x4E6D6144
    0x00000018 0x6D614720
    0x0000001C 0x00000045

    #[MEME] {START} Your Engines
    ;A DMA code - revJ only
    0xFFFFFFFF 0x0056c558
    0x00000000 0x7D312A7B
    0x00000004 0x4154537B
    0x00000008 0x207D5452
    0x0000000C 0x72756F59
    0x00000010 0x676E4520
    0x00000014 0x73656E69
    0x00000018 0x00000000

    #[MEME] GrEeN {dUP}
    ;A DMA code - revJ only
    0xFFFFFFFF 0x0056c558
    0x00000000 0x65457247
    0x00000004 0x647B204E
    0x00000008 0x007D5055
    0x0000000C 0x00000000
    0x00000010 0x00000000
    0x00000014 0x00000000
    0x00000018 0x00000000
    0x0000001C 0x00000000

    #[MEME] {X}
    ;A DMA code - revJ only
    0xFFFFFFFF 0x0056c558
    0x00000000 0x007D587B
    0x00000004 0x00000000
    0x00000008 0x00000000
    0x0000000C 0x00000000
    0x00000010 0x00000000
    0x00000014 0x00000000
    0x00000018 0x00000000
    0x0000001C 0x00000000

    #[NiGhT CreATurE]
    0x004a14f0 0x6847694E
    0x004a14f4 0x72432054
    0x004a14f8 0x75544165
    0x004a14fc 0x00004572
    0x004a1500 0x00000000
    0x004a1504 0x00000000
    0x004a1508 0x00000000
    0x004a150c 0x00000000

    #Round Time Mod
    0x200ba7a8 0x3C047FFF

    #General Stats/Win mod
    0x00056924 0x24067fff
    0x00056A6C 0x24067fff
    0x00056a94 0x24067fff
    0x00056aa8 0x24060000
    0x00056ad0 0x24067fff
    0x00056b04 0x24060001
    ;survival rating
    0x00056b18 0x02003025
    ;time played
    0x00056b2c 0x02C03025
    0x00056db0 0x24067fff
    0x00056be4 0x02A03025

    :banghead:SoCoM FtB2 PoWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!:banghead:

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    Socom Ftb 2 Eu Codes

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    Re: Socom Ftb 2 Eu Codes

    Merci :p

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    Socom Ftb 2 Eu Codes

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    Re: Socom Ftb 2 Eu Codes

    thx :D

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    Socom Ftb 2 Eu Codes

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    Re: Socom Ftb 2 Eu Codes

    excuse me, what's the spiderman does?

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    Socom Ftb 2 Eu Codes

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    Re: Socom Ftb 2 Eu Codes

    With Spiderman you can walk on wall I believe and you can not fly it is has say that your foot remains stick on the wall your understood ?

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    Socom Ftb 2 Eu Codes

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    Re: Socom Ftb 2 Eu Codes

    where is anti blacklist ???

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    The German Master

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    Re: Socom Ftb 2 Eu Codes

    Thx alot man

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    â€* Keep It Real â€*

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    Re: Socom Ftb 2 Eu Codes

    wow ima start playing eu now lol
    If you fail to plan. Plan to fail.

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    Socom Ftb 2 Eu Codes

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    Re: Socom Ftb 2 Eu Codes

    is this 1.50 or 1.60

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    Socom Ftb 2 Eu Codes

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    Re: Socom Ftb 2 Eu Codes

    they work now good job add me gerardnl both USA and eu
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