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Thread: Test these 2 codes PLZ

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    Test these 2 codes PLZ

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    Test these 2 codes PLZ

    this code makes it so when u vote someone its say that BYE! has voted to remove player...

    #swat funny vote boot=bye!
    0x000080bc 0x34080080
    0x0049286c 0x21455942

    this code lets you vote out the enemy team on suppresion remember to put 15 hz :)

    #vote both teams 15 hz
    ;15 hz
    ;turn on in lobby before game starts
    0x000c525c 0x0e3ffc00
    0x000c6150 0x0e3ffc00
    0x000fe97c 0x0e3ffc00
    0x001e23e4 0x0e3ffc00
    0x00217a68 0x0e3ffc00
    0x00244b40 0x0e3ffc00
    0x00243750 0x0e3ffc00
    0x00244b40 0x0e3ffc00
    0x0029745c 0x0e3ffc00
    0x0029a49c 0x0e3ffc00
    0x002dbb04 0x0e3ffc00
    0x002dbc00 0x0e3ffc00
    0x00303578 0x0e3ffc00
    0x00304288 0x0e3ffc00
    0x003042d0 0x0e3ffc00
    0x0035b4bc 0x0e3ffc00
    0x007FF000 0x2403000f
    0x007FF004 0xAC8300D8
    0x007FF008 0x03e00008

    i dont take credit for these codes just want them tested.

    ----Added 23/2/2009 at 3:58 AM----
    u know i would like someone to test these :P

    ----Added 25/2/2009 at 3:17 PM----
    someone help me plz?
    Last edited by ares-the-crusher; 02-22-2009 at 10:01 AM. Reason: i dont want an infraction point
    teehee worst sig eva

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