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Thread: I gotz a question.

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    I gotz a question. Hidden 120 Butterflies Champion

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    I gotz a question.

    If you have multiple personalities and you threaten to commit suicide is it a hostage situation?
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    Re: I gotz a question.

    oh hell yeah, send in the swat team.

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    I gotz a question.

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    Re: I gotz a question.

    It depends on what personality is suicidal! Lol idk...
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    I gotz a question.

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    Re: I gotz a question.

    no cause your the same person right?:unsure:

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    Re: I gotz a question.

    It depends on if one personality is threatening to commit suicide on another personality (technically homicide). But usually a person with a split or multiple personalities does not know of the other personality so on most occasions it would not be a hostage/homicide situation because the one personality would want to kill themselves (their own personality if that makes sense) which would be suicide and nothing else. I hate psychology.

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    I gotz a question.

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    Re: I gotz a question.

    If you had multiple personalities and you threatened to commit suicide it wouldn't be a hostage situation, if one of your personalities said it was going to kill another personalities it would be.

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