Why do people give two shits why were created, or what were we created for? If you find out, then what? You die. Just deal with your life and fuck what people say. I'm sick of this shit of people going, "There is a God." then people saying "No there isn't, science has proven that." WHO GIVES A SHIT? How about we worry about how we just live our lives and not worry about how it happened. If God created everything, how was God created? If the big bang was just a speck of dust, what created that speck of dust? We worry so much about what happened then, that we forget what happened now. Instead of funding projects on finding out our existence, why don't we make payments to projects that help actually benefits us today? Like they say for a test, "If you don't know the answer to a question, skip it and the answer will come back to you." And Cannon is right. Just because someone believes something differently, doesn't mean that they should be shunned for it. I can't stand atheists, not because they don't believe in God, but because they rub in everyone's face that there isn't one. On top of it, they have the balls to go and say that all people in religious belief rub in THEIR faces that there is a God and that THEY are wrong for not believing. I'm a religious person and believe in God, but I don't tell you that you're wrong for not following my beliefs.

All in all, what I am saying is: Who cares about then? Care about now.