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Thread: READ BEFORE POSTING! (updated 10/16/08)

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    READ BEFORE POSTING! (updated 10/16/08)

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    READ BEFORE POSTING! (updated 10/16/08)

    This board is for applications to become a member of the GFX team only! If you want to display your work please use the Show Off board.

    Don't waste time posting a picture you did nothing to other than adding text, that is not graphics team material.

    Use this as a title template: [Your Name Here]'s GFX Application
    Post at minimum 5 sigs, and include a high amount of variation in work and design.

    Your application will be rejected if it does not meet the following criteria:

    • All the signatures MUST have your Console Discussions username within the signature
    • A PSD for at least ONE signature must be included (If you wish to keep the PSD private you may PM JohnnyMcKinney a link to your topic along with the PSD)

    To remain on the GFX team you must meet the following criteria:

    • Be active
    • Be talented
    • Fulfill requests
    • Never rip any gfx
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