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Thread: Anyone?

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    Has anyone made mods. for Socom CA? I am thinking about moving to the PS2 again and hacking Socom there. If anyone has made some mods. or can help me get started I would appreciate it. Here is on of my friends hacking.

    YouTube - Socom CA Code: SkyTrix

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    Re: Anyone?

    dont ruin this game, i play it every day, hackers=scum

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    Re: Anyone?

    The PS2 Is pretty much the same as the PSP. Its not exactly the same but PS2DIS if you haven't figured out was made specifically for the PS2. Making codes should be about the same process, it might not be as easy, might not be a 'nitepr'. But its possible to hack the PS2, you need to do a lot different stuff. Try Google.
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    Re: Anyone?

    hmm video removed =0
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