This is the waiting list on the PSP Downgrading and Unbricking services. If you would like to be added to it please PM me HERE:

Attention: JohnnyMcKinney is the ONLY Official PSP Downgrading and Unbricking member. If you send your PSP to anyone besides JohnnyMcKinney on the forums then I can not guarantee your PSP will be safe nor will I be held responsible. Therefor you should ONLY contact JohnnyMcKinney. If someone says they will downgrade or unbrick your PSP do NOT send them your PSP as again you do not know if they are trusted or not. I have good feedback, though I am a little slow shipping your PSP back since I have to rely on my dad to drive me to the post office every time I am ready to mail it back.

Anyone saying they are downgrading or unbricking peoples PSP's also will be banned for advertising! (This is to keep our members safe from members who may be untrusted)

For more information go HERE:

Waiting Currently

1.) adam89

2.) salvation1234

3.) Endo Jr.

4.) Fate

5.) dtr4cing

6.) rock_lee

7.) nofxfan1436

PSPs I am currently waiting on to be shipped to me

0.) gamebuster24

PSPs I am currently downgrading


Shipped and waiting on their PSPs to return back to them

1.) digiman

2.) BankRobber

3.) playa_made19

4.) mvhisgun

Finished And Got Their PSP's Back

1.) unknownENEMY

2.) repda757

3.) L.A.Rock

4.) pspmike

5.) JokerSmile23

6.) light shadow

7.) Gamez1985

8.) crazyadrian90

9.) slowness

10.) mpm

11.) Coconut.Juice

12.) david1345

13.) HolyAlchemy1

14.) domdogg34

15.) yumboy11

16.) r6er

17.) dclugo

18.) Xaingu

19.) whitecrayon

Problems I Have Had Doing This Service

1.) I got slowness's PSP and he said it was bricked. So he couldn't do anything on it. I did the same process as I did with pspmike's PSP, but for some reason when I did slowness's PSP his gets errors every now and then on the XMB. This only occurs in the settings area on the XMB and doesn't always happen. He can still look at his Photos, listen to his Music, watch his Videos, and play his UMD or Homebrew. Anyway here's a picture: