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Thread: Leaving The PSP Scene

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    Leaving The PSP Scene

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    Re: Leaving The PSP Scene

    Quote Originally Posted by DARKEST-H0UR View Post
    im prob gonna get a 360 for christmas cus i want Halo 3 =]
    i want gta4 when it comes out:)

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    Leaving The PSP Scene

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    Re: Leaving The PSP Scene

    The only reason I wanted a PS3 was because of Metal Gear Solid 4, but since it's not a PS3 Exclusive I can enjoy the game on my 360 =]

    Quote Originally Posted by angrybanana5000 View Post
    thats why i had the strikeout on the text. I reread what you posted at the beginning and realized "oh woops 360 cant be hacked so I put a strikeout where I said that 360 would get hacked"
    and btw i have a 360 and im not hating on 360 players i hate the ps3 and love360
    I never said you were hating on the 360. It was someone else. Also you striked out your text because some guy said the 360 was already hacked in which it isn't. Some people need to do research before posting false accusations.

    Quote Originally Posted by TrickStyle101 View Post
    PROOF that Microsoft also cares is; Their trying their best to fix Vista...
    Theres nothing wrong with Windows Vista. You probably put it on a shitty ass computer. Windows Vista is not for just any old computer. It's for one you have spent over 2,500 $ on. My second computer with a quad core runs Vista perfectly. If there was something wrong with Vista Microsoft usually waits for small problems to build up so they can fix them all at once. That's what they do on the Xbox 360. If just one glitch was in the game they would wait till a couple more piled up so they could fix them all at once. Hey look at least Microsoft is doing everything in their power to stop the cheaters. They are doing a great job at it because there are only 1% cheaters online in which they are banned within the first 10 minutes. I have not seen one cheater. However what has Sony done to the PSP? Absolutely nothing. They have done nothing to stop any cheaters. Why? Well I use to think Microsoft didn't care for it's customers, all they wanted was money. I was wrong, Sony is the one that just cares about money. They are the type of people that would make a mud pie and substitute the mud for dog crap then sell it. Hey if they can make money off of it they could care less about fixing anything.

    Quote Originally Posted by AdamAndersen View Post
    Yes now we have 3 more people who could be out to kill the site, running the moderation.
    I tried out for mod, not GFX-with partial modding abilities.
    You can't be both GFX and mod, so I just gave GFX some mod priveledges. You don't like it I can take it away. I can manage users moderating privledges. So if it doesn't work I don't have to remove all GFXs priveledges I'll just remove that users. They will still be GFX, just can't mod.

    ANYWAY, before I get more Xbox 360 haters I am going to close this and sticky this so everyone knows what's going on.

    Rules are HERE. They have been updated as of May 30th 2013 at 5:00 A.M.
    If you see a topic that a link is broken, the information is no longer correct, the content has been patched, or a rule is being broken please use the button. Thanks.

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