Everyone needs to read this post! Not reading this post could result in trouble! Currently my staff is hard working moving posts from the different gaming system sections to the appropriate sections. This is because ever since us becoming Console Discussions people are not use to all the new consoles so when they see a topic about themes for the Playstation 3 they think about the PSP and tend to post about PSP themes within the topic that is about Playstation 3 themes. So when clicking a link a friend gave you or maybe you saw it in the shoutbox, and you are unsure of which section you are currently in, just do a quick check to verify that you are in the section about the console that you are wanting to discuss. It's simple just look for this area:

I want to make this clear. We are no longer JUST a website dedicated to PSP. We now cover all the next generation consoles. So to keep the forums nice and clean I have implemented a tab system. This system is easy to use and simple. All you do is find the tab that contains your choice of console and click it. Then magically the all new console section pops up smoothly with no loading.

As you can see by the below image there is an arrow pointing to the tabs. You will see most of the next gen consoles a Main tab (PSP), 360, PS3, and the PC. Click a console of your choice and you will see the content.