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Thread: HOW TO: Become Mod / GFX

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    HOW TO: Become Mod / GFX

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    HOW TO: Become Mod / GFX

    We have a lot of people wanting and asking to be a member of the staff or GFX team. If you are truly interested in becoming Mod or GFX read the corresponding section below. Please do not beg or bribe other staff members to rate your app or "put a word in" with Johnny. Doing so will drastically kill you chances. Also upon becoming staff abusing your powers will result in you being removed from your position with no chance of returning and you might be banned depending on the level of abuse.


    Description: Moderators are the forum "police". They are here to enforce rules in the forums and in the shoutbox.

    How To: Moderators must have been on this site for quite a while, very active, and very helpful. Mods must also know a lot about the different consoles on CD or at least a lot about one of them. The main idea of being moderator is to help members with their problems and keep the rules enforced. It is recommended you have at least 500 posts and minimal/no infractions You can apply here.


    Description: Graphics Team Members are the members with superb skills in PhotoShop, GIMP, and the like. They can be called on to help design something for the forum or home page.

    How To: If you wish to become a member of the team please post your work in here.
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    HOW TO: Become Mod / GFX

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    Re: HOW TO: Become Mod / GFX

    Also posts that you get from the introduction section do not count, we can see where you post so don't think we cannot. Don't p.m. staff, p.m. us in the shoutbox, instant message us on AIM etc., or any of that. We will not respond and will tell the staff that you have done so. Also make sure when you decide to fill out the application you make sure you read all of the questions and answer them fully. If you don't understand one of them, feel free to ask the staff and we will help you.

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    HOW TO: Become Mod / GFX Tetris Champion, NFS Underground Champion

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    Re: HOW TO: Become Mod / GFX

    As far as Administrator goes, well don't even ask. Asking or begging will pretty much guarantee you won't get it. Putting in an application won't hurt, but I don't choose Administrators by your applications. I actually choose people who meet the following criteria:

    • Active
    • Helpful
    • Trustworthy
    • Reports any trouble
    • Never been given an infraction
    • Never been banned
    • Has a VERY high post count in which a VERY high percentage of those posts are helpful and not spam/useless posts.

    Keep in mind: It is a VERY rare occasion that I make anyone an Administrator even if you do meet those requirements. The main reason being that we already have too many Administrators.

    Rules are HERE. They have been updated as of May 30th 2013 at 5:00 A.M.
    If you see a topic that a link is broken, the information is no longer correct, the content has been patched, or a rule is being broken please use the button. Thanks.

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    HOW TO: Become Mod / GFX

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    Re: HOW TO: Become Mod / GFX

    Also keep in mind that when you apply to be a moderator, its best to be helpful in the forum. That means reporting people who spam or break rules and answering questions that people ask instead of replying with useless posts like, "I don't know". Don't bother making an application just because you hit 200 and think you are helpful. Don't bother if you have only been here for a month or two. We will decline your application without hesitation. We want people who know everyone and gets along with everyone. Its best if you have been here around six months and have hit the 500+ post mark.

    And talkin leik this will not get u a job as a moderator. The one thing we as the staff hate most is when someone puts up a Mod App and it has spelling and grammar errors all over it. You wouldn't go apply for a job in real life with that kind of grammar, what makes you think we'll accept it?

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